Bon voyage: 5 great cruise destinations around Australia

Australia is a country with terrific sights and attractions—many of which can be explored by boat or ship.
Whether you like water sports, relaxing on the beach or merely observing the beautiful surroundings, there are many places around the country that you should visit.

We discovered 5 great cruise destinations around Australia.

1. Port Douglas

Situated north of Cairns in Queensland is the beautiful town of Port Douglas. This quaint little town has an excellent location for sailing ships, boats and even cruise liners. Port Douglas has the famous Four Mile Beach, which as the name suggests, is a magnificent stretch of white sandy beach. However, the main attraction is of course the Great Barrier Reef, which is easily accessed from Port Douglas. The area is excellent for scuba diving and snorkelling or cruising around the picturesque coastline. Furthermore, the town’s main road is quite lively with several restaurants, cafes and curio shops and there is a lot to do and see in the surroundings so no visitor will be disappointed with a visit to Port Douglas!

 2. Sydney

Of course, Sydney as one of Australia’s largest cities, is an extremely popular destination for visitors. With the beautiful harbour and very cosmopolitan city, it is a place that should not be missed out on. Many believe that the best views of Sydney are experienced from the water so don’t hesitate to cruise around Sydney’s harbour where you can observe the spectacular Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. You might like to try a nearby stop like at d’Albora Marinas Rushcutters Bay, which is near the CBD and is also accessible by yacht or boat where you can enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings and city.

3. Port Stephens

If you are looking for an excellent place to relax then Port Stephens might be just the place for you. With 26 sandy beaches and excellent weather for a large part of the year, you will not be bored at this low-key tourist destination. Port Stephens offers the perfect get-away: whether you enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, whale watching or just merely cruising around the beautiful coastline—this town has plenty of recreational activities to keep visitors intrigued.

4. Broome

As a popular tourist and pearling destination, Broome is a wonderful place to visit. Located near Kimberly in Western Australia, Broome not only has beautiful white sandy beaches, it is also a historic place with a lot of interesting attractions to see. The town has a terrific museum capturing the area’s history, along with beautiful scenic landscapes and visitors can indulge in a wide variety of water sports. Also, Broome offers some exquisite shopping—particularly to buy pearls or jewellery. Visitors can furthermore enjoy four-wheel adventures across the magnificent countryside or go sailing around the picturesque shoreline.

5. Geraldton

The town of Geraldton is situated on the breathtakingly beautiful coastline in Western Australia’s Mid West region and is certainly a destination that is worth visiting. This town is considered the gateway to the Abrolhos Islands, a cluster of 122 islands where beautiful coral reefs can be explored. The town is known for its spectacular coastline and the area offers visitors a lot to do and see such as kite surfing, fishing, diving and many other watersports. Moreover, Geraldton is an excellent place to visit all year round since winters are quite mild and summers are cool due to the region’s sea breeze.

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