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The Most Important Home Renovations for Your Comfort

Purchasing a home is a big expense and unless you have built a new home, the expense does not end at simply buying the home. When you take possession or live in a home for a few years, you tend to want to make changes. Perhaps the old owner’s style is not yours, you want to add value to the home or you simply want a better, more serene environment. Whatever your reason, the following are the top 5 most popular and value adding renovations you can do for your home. They just happen to also add comfort and style as well.

Entry Door
The portal to your home is the first impression many visitors will have of you and your home. Starting the renovations off with this item keeps your costs low while providing the best value for your investment dollars. Getting a door that suits your taste allows you to differentiate yourself from your neighbors. Just remember to choose a steel entry door as it provides the best value, security and energy efficiency.

Wooden Deck
A wooden deck on the rear of your home is one of those items that many people do not realise just how much they use it until they have it. When home buyers look at houses, it is also one of those rare items that almost everyone can picture doing certain activities on, cementing your home’s resale value. The fact that most homes expense is around $85 per square foot, while the expense of a deck is only $35-$50 per square foot, means that you get a lot of value out of this added usable space. For example, making an outdoor living room with a grilling station is a great way to enjoy your home inside and out.

An uncovered deck will often show wear and tear faster without some kind of covering. A pergola offers a sleek and stylish option to not only protect your deck investment, but also you and your furniture. Having a covered portion of your deck allows you to still use your beautiful deck and backyard even in inclement weather. Thomsons Outdoor Pine can install a bespoke, custom designed pergola, foregoing the need to cover the outdoor living set or have open umbrellas.

Besides their own bed, the kitchen is often the room where every member of the family spends the most amount of time. It is also one of the first areas that almost all homeowners list as the top priority for renovations. As kitchen cabinetry trends go in and out of style within a decade it can often be the one area of your home that can look dated quickly. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate. It needs appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Done right though, a renovation here can make your life easier and help establish a central area for your family to enjoy.

Garage Door
Lastly, the garage door is often neglected. Although it is not an item that promotes visions of luxury, it can make a significant impact. Firstly it represents about 20% of the front of your home visually if it faces the front. This visual impact can be quite negative for an old door that is falling apart. A new automatic electric door can also provide that luxurious comfort of simply driving into the garage during hot summer or cold winters, making its value and luxury unbeatable.

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