4 Steps to Getting Your Dream Car

You saw it once and were struck by its beauty, the way it moved and shimmered in the light, and now your quest is to make it yours. Like any love in life, your dream vehicle can elicit an emotional response that has you seeking it out at traffic lights, in car parks or car yards. So if you’re looking to get behind the wheel of your dream car, here are 4 steps to obtaining it.

Seek it out

Every driver has a different ultimate vehicle. It might be the latest and greatest 4WD for off-roading, a classic Mustang or a top-of-the-line sports car, but seek and ye shall find. Hit the internet for your initial searches to find if your car’s available and where.

If it’s a rare model, try the websites of car clubs. Many unique vehicles have sites set up by their owners and fans that list everything from cars for sale to parts and accessories. This should also give you a good idea of the price range for your vehicle.


Your dream car might roll into a car park at the least expected moment boasting a ‘For sale’ sign. If this is the case, you could require finance quickly. Traditional loans can take a little time, so if you need to purchase swiftly, investigate other options like Zoom Car Loans who offer same day approval.

It’s also worth noting that everything is for sale for a price, so if your dream car pulls into the petrol bowser next to you, strike up a chat with the owner to see if it’s for sale. Many a classic car owner has relinquished their beloved vehicle after a chance encounter with a prospective buyer who uttered the words, ‘Would you consider selling?’.


If your ideal car is a little more common than a rare 1960s classic, you have room for negotiation. Find a number of similar cars for sale, take them for a test drive and be prepared to put in offers. Rarely does a used car sell for its listed price. If it’s a new car, consider trade-ins or cash to secure the deal.


So you’ve found it, negotiated, secured finance and it’s about to be yours … what’s next? Insurance. You worked hard to get the car of your dreams so make sure you cover yourself should something happen. If it’s a rare or classic car, there are insurers who specialise in catering for this market. If it’s a modern vehicle, talk to your insurance company and make sure your cover starts the moment you take possession.

It might be the car you coveted in its Matchbox form as a kid, the latest and greatest of luxury vehicles rolling off the line, or the car that helps you drive towards freedom. Many people have a dream car they hope to own in their lifetime. While they can take a little searching, financing and securing, getting your ideal car is worth it in the end. What type of car have you been ogling lately?

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