Most Romantic Getaways for Australians on a Budget

Australians are well known for being avid travelers, keen on exploring the world. However, money is still (naturally) a problem for many people. That’s why a lot of folks aim for a destination that is both romantic and the expenses will not break the bank. This sounds as an almost impossible task (after all, you wouldn’t want to stay at a hostel and share a room with some strangers on Valentine’s day, but to have a nice time in a place that offers affordable luxury), but actually there are such places. Here are some recommendations for romantic getaways on a tighter budget.

1.Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is definitely a great value for your money. It is a World Heritage Site and, with its castles, cathedrals and cobble-stoned streets is a perfect romance getaway. Do not forget walking across Charles Bridge! It is one of the most romantic bridges in Europe and offers a stunning view up the Vitava River. Plus, it’s free. The Prague castle and the old town of Prague are also must destinations. This city allows for luxury and budget holidays.

2.Athens, Greece
Because of the recent turmoil in Greece, there has been a significant slump in the prices throughout the country. However, the Mediterranean pearl has not lost its beauty. It is still a magnificent destination you can visit with your sweetheart. There are plenty of historical landmarks worth visiting, and at the end of the day you can relax at some nice little family restaurant with a glass of Ouzo. Make sure you take a romantic trip to Piraeus in order to see some of the historic ports of Greece.

3.Richmond , Yorkshire, UK
If the idea of visiting the outdoors appeals to you, why not consider going to the UK? And more precisely the county of Yorkshire, famous for its marvelous scenery. A really small and secluded town, where you can run away from the crowds and enjoy a love-filled Valentine’s with almost no tourists around you is Richmond in North Yorkshire. In terms of landmarks, there is the Richmond Shire Museum, the Georgian Theatre Royal, as well as one of the largest markets in England.

4.Washington DC, USA
In case you decide to pay visit to the so called ‘land of the free’, you first stop definitely has to be its capital city, Washington. It is a city with rich political and historical significance and without a doubt deserves your attention. A night stroll will prove you that Washington could also be a romantic city. For free, you can see all lit up white colossal monuments. And you can picnic near almost any monument or museum, as there are large green lawns in front of them. No need for fancy restaurants. As for accommodations, don’t spend a pile of money on five star hotels. You can stay at a Holiday Inn or Best Western. After all, you will be out almost all the time.

These amazing places listed above are a great and affordable option for a romantic and memorable vacation. Why not take a remarkable vacation or romantic trip to any of the above listed destinations. You may even find a reason for you and your family to buy a holiday home or relocate to one of them.

Also, a nice option for a romantic getaway would be a weekend in the wilderness. Wherever it may be, even somewhere close to your home. The advantage of such a destination is that it would be just the two of you, especially if you decide to camp in a tent. Celebrating Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily has to be at a restaurant. It can be enjoyed even while hiking and canoeing. As a matter of fact, cuddling near a warm evening bonfire is unmatchable.

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