Moving Survival Guide for Australians

In many Australians’ lives, sooner or later there comes the time when they decide to relocate, to start life anew at some other place. Sometimes it is a different city in Australia, but in other cases it is a foreign country. Australians are adventurous and do not fear changes. However, there are some tips everyone that is to move have to bear in mind before undertaking on such a life-changing enterprise.

Proper planning is without a doubt the key to a stress-free moving. What one has to remember, if s/he doesn’t want to have any serious problems during the removal is to plan early. The sooner you have everything figured out, the better. As a matter of fact, people start planning their moving at the beginning of March, so that they could execute the moving in April/May for that is when the so-called moving period begins, mainly because of the nice weather. However, people in Australia rarely have winter-weather-problems.

Anyway, the start of your preparation has to be the choice of a removal company you will be working with. Doing the removal yourself is too difficult and could have many complications. Rather leave the work to the professionals. When looking for a reliable company, get as much opinions and information as possible. You will be giving them full ‘custody’ over your possessions, so you want to know they are in good hands. Narrow the choices to a couple of companies (three or four) and ask for estimates from each one of them. This will help you make your final choice.
Make approximate measurements of your furniture and other belongings. This is done in order to be sure that they will fit in the Soho moving van you are hiring.

Notify your utility companies about the upcoming move so that they could disconnect your services. Also, make a change of address on time and set up the utilities at your new place in order to be sure they are turned on on time.

Purge the place you are leaving. Do not take everything with you. Especially things you don’t need and haven’t used for an extended period of time. These are better off left behind, so that they don’t take up precious space. Or even better – donate them, give them to friends or sell them at a garage sale. Other items that you can easily skip packing include your cleaning materials. You will be able to get new and unopened ones from a shop near your new home.

Also, never pack any valuables in your moving boxes. Things like important documentations, jewelry and money must not be packed, but rather kept with you.

When packing (if you do it yourself, otherwise ask your movers to do so) label all the boxes according to their contents. This will help you greatly when unpacking, as you won’t have to wonder what is where and spend a couple of hours just looking for your hair-dryer, for example. And finally, once the removal is done, make sure you recycle everything – removal boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap. This will be a nice contribution to keeping the earth green.


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