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Frugality on the Weekends for a Brighter Future

Weekends are a cherished time for most Australians. Whether they desire watching the cricket with a pint of Carlton or making a trip to go lawn bowling with mates, the aim is to have fun. The problem, however, is that many people spend their hard-earned money recklessly. By recklessly, I mean that people spend to the point where they are negating earning potential and future financial stability.

Everyone agrees that the weekend is a time to relax, but a certain level of frugality on days off can go a long way toward a stable future. Below I have offered tips for fellow Australians to have a great time on the weekends whilst maintaining a formidable budget.

1. Decide on one evening.
Whether it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, pick a night. On this night, even with a budget in mind, you can do as you normally would. Hit the pub with good mates and attend the football after dinner. Try not to spend in extreme fashion, but relax and give yourself some credit for the work week just completed. You deserve it, and your bank account will survive.
Picking one night on the weekend gives the adequate amount of reward that you deserve, but maintains finances to the point where saving is not compromised. Ideas for this night are not limited to the pub or the football, as a nice meal or concert present viable options. The bottom line is to release yourself from work on this night while not worrying too much about money.

2. Be the venue.
Organize a group meal one of the days. A group meal is different than cooking an elaborate banquet dinner for all of your friends. Invite people over, and ask that they bring a dish. Whether it is lunch or dinner, get out on the veranda with others and enjoy the company.
Light the grill and fire up some sausages as you create a spinach and strawberry salad. On this day make a conscious effort to avoid spending out of the house. Make your house, or a friend’s, the venue or club. Avoid the hiked prices and taxi fares. Appreciate each other, and save the notes you would have normally spent on a weekend night. Let the living room become the dance floor and the karaoke become the music.

3. Get outside.
Whether you live in Wollongong on the NSW coast or out on the Eyre Peninsula in SA, enjoy the air. You are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful environments on Earth. Relish the scenery around you, and realise at the same time you are saving money. Consider trying an activity you’ve never dabbled in before, like spearfishing with a mate who has extra gear. Outdoors and free are two nice adjectives to describe a fun weekend. Give it a go.

People spend a huge portion of their week occupied to earn money. There is no reason to spend it all on the days off. In life, we never know what will come about, and it’s always a good idea to have money put away. Weddings, children and other occurrences happen down the road. It’s better to be prepared. The fun will not cease, and your life may turn out to be better than it was before with a different weekly routine.

Mark Haberfield is a creative bloke who focuses on life’s frequent waves of change. When he’s not spearfishing on the NSW south coast, Mark writes for AAMI life insurance.

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