Fake Grass: Looking Better Than the Real Thing

There was a time when fake grass was perhaps as easy to spot as an ill-fitting toupee but whilst the dubious hairpieces still remain for us to speculate upon when we see one, artificial grass manufacturers have raised their game to a whole new level and fake grass can now be almost more realistic than real grass itself.

Fake grass
Call it what you like, fake grass, artificial turf or synthetic grass, manufacturers have been honing their skills and improving the process over the last decade or so to produce a surface that now looks and feels like real glass. Advances in technology have meant that the fake grass you install today bears almost no resemblance to the original versions that really did look fake.

Manufacturers are now able to produce a turf that has a natural colour and very importantly too, feels just as soft as real grass. In the past, an artificial surface would mean a bright neon green lawn and a surface that was almost as hard as concrete.

Play safely
One of the great advantages of using fake grass is that you get a consistently good looking lawn but one that does not require the same level of maintenance needed to keep real turf in top shape. Kids can play safely on fake grass without the prospect of injuring themselves on the surface and areas that are designed specifically to be used for recreation and playing can benefit from synthetic grass that can even be safer than the real thing.

Even surface
It is quite hard to produce a perfectly flat surface when you are working with natural grass as it has natural peaks and valleys to it. Even small undulations can create an uneven surface that makes it easier to trip over. Fake grass has an advantage in this area as you can create a more even surface that now only looks stunning but can be a bit safer as well.

Just like the real thing
As well as synthetic or fake grass being completely level as a result of being manufactured that way to ensure you get a smoother surface to run over, the artificial grass manufacturers have also been able to successfully tackle the issue making it really feel like the real thing too.
They have found a way to actually mimic dirt so your fake lawn will have its own soil. This is done by using a creation called infill, which is a product consisting of tiny pieces of rubber or sand which work to give you that extra cushioning you feel when you walk over a real lawn.

Infill helps in other ways
Not only does the use of infill make the surface feel like the real thing but it also helps to keep every blade of fake grass from leaning over, meaning your lawn will stand tall and at the same height for as long as you own it.
The other benefit of using infill is that it acts as a natural coolant so unlike a real lawn which can get damaged by the sun, your surface will never get scorched or burned when exposed to any extreme heat during the summer months.

When you consider the low maintenance required and the consistent good look and performance of fake grass, it is easy to understand why so many homeowners are turning to this product so that they can enjoy a perfect lawn without the hassle you would normally associate with keeping your garden area looking so good.

Joel Hunter, now retired, spends most of his time in his large gardens. On rainy days, he likes to share his yard and garden advice on various blog sites. Visit this page to learn more about Global Synthetic Grass.

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