The Dramatic Savings of DIY Home Maintenance

Young people today are constantly advised to get in on the housing market while prices are low. As the market enters into a long-awaited upswing, young professionals and families jump in. Taking on home responsibilities, however, particularly a fixer-upper style home, can cost you.

Fortunately, easy fixes are available for keeping housing expenses to a minimum. recommends that young homeowners bundle auto and home insurance quotes together to pay a reduced rate for both. After you acquire that type of savings, embark on easy do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance. For the frugal homeowner, you’ll save significantly with the quick fixes that you can undergo yourself, or you’ll drain your account as shown below.


Electric is a costly, yet essential expense, and when an appliance goes haywire, you can only focus on the financial aftermath and deficit. Simple tasks such as changing out light bulbs are easy enough for a novice, but more complicated electrical maintenance that involves sockets and wiring may require the expertise of a professional. But for those who safely and comfortably know what they are doing, the potential savings are nothing to scoff at. estimates that the annual cost of hiring someone to replace two light fixtures, replace light bulbs, change an electrical outlet and install a ceiling fan can add up to nearly $800.


Plumbers have still been able to maintain reasonable incomes in the midst of the economic recession for a reason. They complete services nobody else is willing to put up with. But maybe it’s time to get off your high horse and pull out those tools. You’re throwing away significant amounts of money every time you hire a plumber. Home Advisor estimates that it costs on average $304 every time a household calls out the plumber. Even if you continue to rely on a plumber for major issues, you can still cut back on how often he or she visits through regular maintenance. House Logic suggests regular checks to ensure that plumbing isn’t leaky or worn out. The longer these go without touch-ups, the more you have to shell out when you ultimately need a major repair.


Electronics comprise a growing portion of the average homeowner’s budget. And it makes sense — in today’s professional world, you simply cannot get by without a functioning computer and mobile phone — laptop, tablet, the list goes on. Unfortunately, glitches not only prevent you from completing your work, they also cost an arm and a leg to repair. Electronic repair costs vary wildly depending on the nature of the problem and the type of device being fixed, but you can expect to lose more than $100 on average for standard repairs. Install malware updates and other preventative software systems on your own. You’ll save on hefty professional repair costs and extend the lifeline of your device.

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