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Comparison Sites Save Money on Electric Bills

Due to the surprisingly high increases in electricity costs, many Australian citizens are unable to afford to pay their utility bills. According to The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal and the Essential Services Commission (ESC), thousands of households are having their electricity disconnected for failure to pay. With the cost of electricity increasing as much as 37% by 2014, how does the average consumer keep up? The short answer is to comparison shop for the best electricity rate.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Use Comparison Sites. Websites like iSelect allow users to compare multiple rates across multiple services in one place. By going to these types of sites, inputting your post code, and selecting the option to compare plans; they will give you comparisons of electricity rates or other services from the leading providers within your area.

2. Contact Each Company. Once you have the rates for each company, you can contact them to ensure their offer will meet your needs. Keep in mind that these companies are competing for your business, so don’t be afraid to ask question to ensure that this is the best utility company for your family’s energy use patterns. Find out if they are offering any discounts or any other benefits, but remember the ultimate goal is to reduce your bill and save you money.

3. Bundle and Save More. Many companies offer bundle package rates for those needing additional savings and convenience. Combining your gas and electric bill is an example of a very popular savings bundle. Again, check comparison sites as they often can provide detail on the best deals within your postcode.

4. Electricity Hogs. Although, comparing rates will give you a great deal on electricity pricing, you must still pay attention to the appliances in your home that are consuming the most power. Replace your old appliances with new energy efficient appliances. Remember the little things as well, like turning off lights when you leave the room or unplugging electronic equipment that still uses power due to standby mode. Lastly, use the heating and cooling only when needed.

There are many electric companies to choose from in Australia. Figuring out which company will offer you the best deal can be difficult. By using a cost comparison sites, you can take a lot of the guess work out it. With electricity costs consistently rising each year, finding the most cost effective choice can make the difference in whether you can afford to pay your bill or not. Visit an electricity comparison site and to see how much you can potentially save. By taking this step and becoming informed, you will increase your negotiating power and be able to ease the stress of high electricity bills.

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