Insurance is an interesting and varied field with many different facets and nuances. Case in point? Even though just about anything and anyone can be insured, there are professions and occupations that carry more risk than others and these jobs at times can be hard to insure. But not impossible.

At the right price and with the right agency, anyone can be insured. See our list below of four professions or jobs which carry enough risk to make any agent….worry and calculate every minute risk possible before signing on the dotted line.


1. Actors/Actresses – This may seem like a cut and dry job to some, but ask any insurance agent in Hollywood and he or she will tell you that some actors and actresses carry a significant amount of risk. Case in point? Celebrities like Colin Farrell, Lindsay Lohan and others who have a history of drug use and or showing up late for movies. These types of actors and actresses can level an insurance budget simply by not showing up on time or by arriving drunk, etc. However as some agents have been known to say, at the right price anyone – even Lindsay Lohan – can be fully insured.

2. Stunt Doubles – this one is almost obvious. Stunt doubles stand in for popular celebrities in everything from commercials to movies and TV shows. When a risky stunt is called for, it is the job of the stunt double to come in and perform the dirty deed for the celebrity. As you can imagine, there’s quite a lot that can go wrong in these types of situations and for this reason, stunt doubles can be hard to insure.

3. Rodeo Workers – the potential for disaster is quite impressive when you pair a rather large animal such as bull with a normal sized male. Rodeo workers can get thrown off, hit by, trampled on or worse by a bull – when in the line of duty. The job is extremely risky and dangerous. There must be a special insurance policy in place for rodeo workers to compensate for the possibility of loss.

4. Illusionists/Magicians – the magicians of today do way more than pull a rabbit out of a hat, they now do death defying trapeze acts overlooking Niagara Falls, jump in shark infested waters and more. The illusionists and magicians of today are nothing like in yesteryear. They perform more dangerous stunts, try riskier falls and generally speaking – put their lives on the line with every trick or illusion. For this reason, insuring the magicians of today is no easy feat in itself.

Although each of the jobs and occupations mentioned above can be quite fun and enjoyable to practice, it can be anything but for the local insurance agent. However for the right price, anyone and anything can indeed be fully or properly insured. What other occupations can you think of that would be a nightmare prospect for an insurance agent? Tell us below.

Written by Missy who writes for an SR 22 Insurance quotes website and blog at

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