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Budgeting for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Kid’s birthday party is a thrilling and fun moment. There are many things to get done beginning with the theme, guest list, decorations just to name a few. While this is all an exciting moment, it requires a lot of money.
Most parents become stressed when they think about all that needs to be accomplished. However, when planned carefully parents can throw a party that children will love without spending a lot of money.

There is nothing wrong with setting the budget and spending only the amount of money you decided on. This is one of the best ways to avoid overspending. Using cheap ideas and items does not mean that it will be less of the party. Best parties are those that are carefully planned and not those that cost a lot.

Save on decorations
If you plan a birthday party on a budget, it is difficult to include themed items. Because there are many items available on the market for any given theme, you can spend lots of cash in no time buying all of them. Don’t give up on that theme party just yet. Instead of selecting all themed items, you can pick a couple of them then alternate with less expensive colour-coordinated items.

Save on party food
This is not hard to accomplish provided that you plan carefully. Have your party at the time of the day when guests have eaten. You can save a lot when you organise a birthday party shortly after lunch. Another way to save funds is to do the food yourself. Keep it simple and fun. The best alternative is to offer a variety of small finger food portions. There are endless ways to combine different kinds of vegetables and fruits to prepare salads.

Save on the venue
A number of party venues come with hefty price tags and are out of reach for parents with limited resources. You should approach party venues to see if the rates are based on a per kid fee or if it is just a base price overall. Some venues will offer jumping castles as part of a complete package. When you budget properly hiring a jumping castle for the day really isn’t that expensive, and the kids will have a blast for hours. If there are no venues that fit your budget, have the party at home. Some churches also allow parents to utilize their place for a small fee.

Trim down your guest list
Creating a list of guest is a personal experience particularly, when we talk about friends of your child. Let your child decide, but convince him/her to invite only the closest friends. The number might vary and it largely depends on what you mean by the closest friends as well as the size of your party venue. Try to keep the number between 7 and 15.

To keep your birthday party on budget and keep away from going overboard, be creative and make substitutions where necessary. The most essential part is to enjoy. Parent can still organize a great party that their kids will enjoy without spending a lot of money.

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