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How To Archive Important Family or Business Records Cheap

There are times when it literally pays to have important family records safe and within easy reach. Natural disasters such as flooding, fires, storms and power outages can destroy unprotected documents. Then there are also deliberate events such as theft. In cases like this, having your important documents protected is vital in not only keeping them but also for presenting for insurance purposes in the unexpected event of asset destruction.

What sort of records you ask? Things like insurance policies, child birth certificates, social security cards, cash and things of this nature. Where and how you store them is important. If you simply keep them stashed away in a folder at your home office, in the case of a fire, that won’t help you much. There are things you can do to make sure vital records are kept safe and within easy reach and at a low cost; see our tips below for some good ideas.

How To Archive Important Family or Business Records Frugally

1. Fireproof Safe – One of the best investments you can make at home to safeguard and protect important family documents is to get a fireproof safe. They come in various sizes, materials and price points. For a frugal fireproof safe we recommend trying (Sentry) or (First Alert). Either of these two brands carry safes (for less than $100) you can keep at home that hold up well in minor fires and natural disasters. Choose a suitable location for the safe and make sure adult members of your family know the combination or location. This method could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in an insurance claim as good record keeping and documentation is extremely important in the event of a claim. Get one today as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Digital Storing – For those who are technically inclined and love to store items digitally, using a digital service for important family records – might be more your style. Notable service providers in this space include E-Z Safe, Asset Lock and My Medical App for medical records. Each of these services allow you to add files, documents, photos and more to the site and stores it for you online. Some are free while others require a monthly or yearly fee. What you can store, where and for how long varies by provider. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer to safeguard and keep their docs in the cloud – so to speak.

3. Back Up Copies – One can never be too careful when it comes to storing important records and files. So why not create a backup file to your back up, to feel more secure and at ease in the case of an emergency. You can do this a few different way, such as 1.) making extra physical copies of your docs and storing them off site in your work office or at a relatives house 2.) making extra digital copies and storing them at a different site than the first. This will take time, effort and maybe even more money – but just think of the peace you’ll have knowing that you have set these extra precautionary steps in place to avoid a bigger headache down the line. Not too mention an expensive one.

How do you store important family records, we at Records Ferret want to know. Tell us below in the comment field and share with us. We look forward to your responses.

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