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Why safety should always be a top priority in crane hire

Australia is a country that prioritises safety in all environments. Whether it is in the workplace or keeping the community safe. The Australian Newspaper published an article earlier in 2015 that cited Australian cities as being among the safest in the world. Safety is a massive part of the Australian culture. That said, when it comes to workplace health and safety, which involves cranes, the priority is just as high.

While Australians are pretty diligent when it comes to crane hire, there is still a percentage of people that don’t know what to look out for and that also aren’t aware of the certifications and registrations that need to be managed when it comes to working with crane operations. Melbourne based crane hire company Membrey’s who have been in operations for over 60 years, would like the wider business community and public to boost the awareness of what goes into crane hire and what safety measures should be taken into account to protect the interests of both the business and the public. Below, they share their advice.

What to look out for when hiring an experienced crane operator?

It is crucial that you hire the right person for the job. Below are a few points to consider when hiring the crane operator.

Training and experience

  1. There are certain traits that you should look out for in a crane operator that you want to have excel in the job. If the person is a good crane operator, they will have the following skills and traits.
  2. They will be a very good rigger.
  3. They will have close attention to detail as they recognise that they are responsible for every aspect of every lift.
  4. They understand the importance of safety.
  5. They have the courage to say no to their superiors when there are cases that could potentially impact the safety of the environment and people.
  6. That the crane operator is up-to-date with training. This means if there are new materials, machinery or cables, etc, that the operator is fully aware of the capabilities, restrictions and impacts of the machine that they are operating.
  7. They have strong patience and the ability to make smart and calculated decisions.
  8. They will have strong hand-eye coordination.

GPS trackers

GPS trackers are important to help with project and fleet management across the cranes that are hired. Being able to track the equipment and the cargo is one of the benefits. The data that can be accumulated from the GPS trackers can help fleet managers monitor:

  • Equipment operational hours
  • Equipment location
  • Benchmarking operations with rules and regulations
  • Safe driving speeds
  • Hours of service


With projects that involve cranes, time will dictate how much money is being used. Managers will want to ensure that there is minimal delay and risk to their operations. Ensure that good planning is done to allow you to meet deadlines. Work with a company that can assist you with acquiring the right permits, setting up the quickest routes and manage fuel costs to minimise the your costs.

What are safety precautions in crane hire?

Always check the crane!

It seems obvious, but you need to know what to look out for to avoid placing the crane operator, the business and social environment at risk. Inspect the crane for any potential defects or damages. Test the crane prior to engaging in any activity by testing:

  • The stability of the brakes and functions.
  • That all ties, ballasts and anchorages are in place and secured correctly.
  • That the crane is configured as per the crane manufacturer’s specifications.
  • That it is free from any defects that could impact the crane from handling the test load safely.
  • For more exhaustive details about hiring and managing risks with cranes, take a look at the resource provided by Safework Australia.

These are a few of the main considerations to keep in mind to maximise the safety when hiring cranes. If you would like to find out more, speak to an expert from the Membrey’s team or visit the Safework Australia website for more details.

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