What Does Your Bedding Say About You?

As well as allowing you to relax and unwind after a busy day, your bed is also the main focal point in your room that can provide insight into your personality. Choosing different colours and styles of bedding allows you to express who you are and what you like, enabling you to make your room your own. Read on to find out what your bedding style says about you.

Classic and timeless, white bedding shows that you prefer a straightforward, minimalistic style for your decor. If you’re the owner of white bedding, you’re likely neat and organised. Clutter causes you stress, so staying on top of tasks is essential. You’re opened minded and crave a relaxing environment. You also enjoy the finer things in life and understand that it’s important to choose quality over quantity.

Dark Tones
If you’re described as a clumsy person, you might have darker toned bedding. The muted colours mean that you don’t have to clean your sheets regularly, so spills and dust won’t worry you. You’re likely unorganised and messy but love being spontaneous and fun.

Patterns and Florals
Bright, patterned bedding says a lot about your charisma, particularly your boldness and creativity. Stripes convey confidence, while animal prints imply a vibrant and outgoing personality, dots show that you’re fun and light-hearted, and floral patterns suggest you’re quite feminine and proud to be so. It’s likely that you enjoy being pampered and thrive when you’re the centre of attention.

If you have plaid style bedding, you’re likely in a committed relationship. Plaid bedding seems to be the happy medium between couples, as the style is not too feminine or masculine. Add some colourful cushions and a rug on the bed to allow your individual personality to shine.

If you have chevron bedding, you’re likely to be a trendsetter. People follow your advice and you put out positive energy wherever you go. You love helping people and your social calendar is always full. You’re fun, inviting and not afraid to take risks.

Quilted covers take you back to nights spent sleeping over at your grandparent’s house over the holidays. If you have quilted bedding, you most likely value tradition and family. You love learning about history and you can solve puzzles instantly, and you enjoy being at home.

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