Waiting for Monday: The Five Most Satisfying Careers

Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a rut in an organisation that doesn’t value your abilities, or whether you just can’t find the motivation to even think about your current job, finding the right workplace in the fast-paced 21st Century can be difficult.

Thankfully, a General Social Survey run by the University of Chicago has revealed the jobs with highest satisfaction ratings out there. So if you want to wake up on Monday morning with a big grin on your face, then one of these might be the right choice for you.

 Who would have thought devoting yourself to a higher ideal and then doing everything to serve that ideal might lead to happiness? The clergy across various religious denominations are not only among the most satisfied with their jobs, they are the most satisfied.

 The daily duties of a firefighter involve intense physical activity, rescuing people from burning buildings, fighting fires (of course), and being ogled by people who are into uniforms. How could you not be satisfied? Despite the risks involved, becoming a firefighter is one of the most rewarding careers out there.

 Physical Therapists
 There’s nothing better than a job where you get to know someone on a personal level, while at the same time helping them return to physical fitness or deal with a disability. Progress is not only reflected in your client’s movement, but also in seeing them smile at every achievement. You are, quite simply, improving minds, bodies, and lives. So if that is of any interest to you, get in touch with an employment agency.

 Whether it’s struggling to make ends meet as a novelist, or skipping lunch everyday to afford new paints and canvas, being an artist isn’t really the most lucrative form of work out there. Despite this, you are creating what you envision in your mind and making it manifest itself on the page, on the canvas, or in carven stone. Pure creation, and it all comes from within, it’s absolutely no wonder that being an artist is one of the more satisfying career paths out there.

 Becoming a teacher is no easy feat, but once you’ve found a job, it can be one of the most satisfying experiences out there. There’s primary education, high school, and even special education, each with their unique challenges and rewards. Let’s face it, seeing kids and adolescents grow as people and as academics, thanks in part to your efforts, makes teaching one of the most constructive and satisfying jobs out there.

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