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What is the Best Type of Roof for Your Country’s Weather?

Today there are many different types of roofs to choose from. Options include those made from natural resources including wood and slate, to human-produced materials including sheet metal, asphalt and polymers manufactured from plastic.

Despite the wide range of roofing materials available, roofing experts, such as the professionals at Roofmasters, know that it’s important to choose roofing material that is appropriate for the country that you live in and its climate.

Factors to consider when choosing a roof

When considering the range of roofing options available, there are some important factors that should influence your decision. Ultimately, you want a roof that is durable and suitable for the weather conditions characteristic of your location.


– Whether particular roofing types are durable in natural disasters, including bushfires and cyclones
– The weight of the roof and whether it is light enough for the roof frame
– Whether the roof has adequate slope for particular roofing systems
– The extent to which the appearance of the roof material will match and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home
– Whether the materials are recyclable and sustainable
– Compliance with relevant building codes
– Cost.

Choosing an appropriate roofing material

In areas susceptible to fires and cyclones, it’s a good idea to select roofing materials with a high fire rating or that offer resistance to wind. You should also look into options during the installation of different roofing types to enhance their fire or wind resistance.

Asphalt composition shingles are a popular choice of roofing in many parts of the world. Although this type of roofing is not incredibly durable, it’s possible to access shingles resistant to algae; this makes them more useful and limits the likelihood of staining in humid conditions.

Metal (particularly copper) roofing tends to be more costly than some other roofing types, but it does offer the benefits of wind resistance and superior durability. Metal roofing absorbs less heat than asphalt roofing and offers fire and wind resistance.

Both clay and concrete tiles can be made from natural materials, although much energy is required for their manufacture. Both types of tiles can last for many, many years and have excellent fire resistance, but low wind resistance. In terms of durability, both types of tiles are renowned for lasting a long time, although they can sometimes become brittle and break.

It’s not just about cost

Although you may be tempted to choose roofing for your property based on cost alone, to do so is rarely wise. Although price is a factor that is definitely important to consider, it’s just as vital to consider the appropriateness of different roofing types and their durability given the weather conditions and risk of natural disasters where you live.

When trying to decide on the best and most durable type of roofing for your home, it’s critical to consider the types of roofing most suited to the location in which you live and the property that you have. To understand your options and learn more about the choices available, consultation with roofing professionals is highly advisable. Not only can experienced professionals make an informed recommendation, they can also enlighten you to the costs and labour required.

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