Best Travel Destinations for Australians

For Australians almost every destination away from home is a real adventure and worth visiting, even for just a day. However, most holiday destinations are a long flight away from Australia. Let’s take a look at the favourite travel destinations of Australians and some of the specifications of their holidays.

The top choices for holiday destinations have remained quite consistent in the past decade and they attract millions of Australians every year. The top places are Indonesia and Bali, New Zealand, the USA, The UK, Thailand, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Italy. There are slight differences between male and female preferences, with more women preferring Italy and more male – Canada.

Most Australians travel for an average of 15 days at once and rarely stay in just one place for longer than a few days. An example for that is the common habit of Australians to travel throughout England and Scotland, then head to Spain and France and even further to Italy and Greece. Since Australians have a summer while Europe has winter, they don’t mind going to Austria and Italy for skiing holidays. It’s a great opportunity for an escape and a chance to enjoy the snow.

Australians who can afford a longer holiday and don’t mind flying for a while until they reach their destination, go to Brazil and to the Caribbean islands. Cruise holidays are also quite popular with Australian couples and families. Most people tend to think that Australians don’t even need to travel, because they have so much to explore in their own country. This is true and most Australians have a beach holiday there or head to New Zealand and its beautiful resorts. However, Australians, called Aussies, love exploring cultures, architecture, tradition and cuisine. They go to the UK, for example, to see its famous sights and explore art, history and culture. They travel to India and explore Asia, enjoying the wildlife and the beautiful nature. Australians are big fans of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters; this makes Malaysia, Bali and Thailand some of the most popular travel destinations all year long.

One of the big advantages Australians have when travelling is their currency which is at a record height in many countries. This makes it possible for Australians to stay at luxury resorts and enjoy all-inclusive packages at some of the most exotic and beautiful travel destinations in the world. Some of the best value destinations are Turkey, Tanzania, Vietnam, Argentina, Thailand, Iceland, Hong Kong, the USA, Pakistan and the Philippines. Other popular destinations are Portugal, Maldives, Dubai and Hawaii.

Australians love travelling with friends and with their families and they know how to have fun to the fullest when on holiday.


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