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The 6 Main Causes of Blocked Drains

Nobody enjoys cleaning out a blocked drain – especially if it becomes a regular occurrence. The best way to deal with a problem such as this, is to find combat its source. Check out 6 of the most common causes of blocked drains below and prevent spending another Saturday next to the sink with a plunger!

1. Faulty Pipes

As the drainage route for water and other liquids, pipes need to stay smooth and clear to avoid other bits from building up inside. Damaged or corroded pipes are hence a common cause of blockages as they offer more places for solid objects to get stuck. This is when you should consider hiring a professional team such as the experts from Nuflow Technologies – they have the professional knowledge and right tools to sort any pipe problem.

2. Hair Everywhere

Hair is another common cause of blocked drains, especially in bathrooms. People lose hair every day, no matter their age, and it all has to go somewhere. Hair down the drain quickly forms clumps because it gets tangled easily and doesn’t break down, resulting in a blockage. Yuck!

3. Fatty Substances

Most people don’t spare a second thought when washing cooking fat and grease down the drain. But, these substances don’t wash through pipes as water does – fats and greases will actually stick to the inside of the pipe and encourage obstructions.

4. Bathroom Products

In a similar way to grease and fat, bathroom and toiletry products can also lead to drain blockages over time. Makeup, perfumes, aftershaves, and other liquid or cream products regularly get washed off your hands straight down the drain. These will tend to stick to the pipes – rather than running through – and potentially cause future issues.

5. Food and Objects

Foreign objects, including food, can regularly cause blocked drains. You might think it’s harmless to rinse vegetables and meat, but these should go in the bin, not the sink, because they tend to build up in sections such as the kitchen’s U-shape pipe – and smell! Then there are also some things that you just can’t help – accidental blockages are common, especially with kids who may want to drop pieces of a toy down the drain hole.

6. The Great Outdoors

Pipe and drain blockages aren’t just a result of indoor activities, but can also occur outside when plant life gets stuck. Things such as leaves, twigs and branches commonly cause blockages in outdoor drainage systems, while tree roots can cause issues underground by damaging pipes and joints.

A lot of people would be guilty of having these bad habits that encourage blockages in all different ways, but this doesn’t mean you can’t change your habits now. Knowing what can cause drain blockages means that you can now actively prevent them in the future.

Which above act are you most guilty of committing? How will you now try to stop it? Tell us about it! Leave your thoughts below to help any other readers who might have the same issue!

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