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7 Design Trends to Consider for Your House

The home is an extension of our personality, so the design choices we make are intensely personal and reflect how we picture ourselves. However, our interiors are also often influenced by market trends that provide inspirational ideas and aesthetics. Read on to find seven current design ideas that can be effortlessly incorporated into your home!

1. Sustainable Designs

While not a new trend, sustainability is becoming increasingly important for home builders. Sustainable designs optimise natural lighting, heating and shade, as well as utilising sustainable building materials for construction. Water collection and recycled materials are also factored into the designs. Sustainable construction has become much more affordable in recent years so it’s easy to add to your design.

2. Architectural Street Appeal

Privacy is important for most homeowners, however that doesn’t mean sacrificing street appeal. Architectural styling can add charm and intrigue to the exterior of your home, whether it be an unusual roof pitch or a mixture of natural and man-made materials. These elements can be implemented on a large scale, but also on a smaller scale by using a different material for something like the garage door. For example, Steel-Line produce gorgeous timber garage doors that are sure to add a new dimension to any home.

3. Minimalist Landscaping

With space at a premium, landscaping is taking on new forms to fit into smaller spaces. Increasingly popular options are vertical gardens or green walls, as well as fire pits and pebbled areas. Landscaped tanks, where a garden bed is placed on top of a water tank, are perfect for smaller yards. If you want a more traditional garden, homeowners should look for native grasses and drought-hardy plants to conserve water.

4. Creative Outdoor Spaces

Recent years have seen the home’s indoor and outdoor living areas be combined, and this idea has really taken off. Popular ways of achieving this include bi-fold doors and sliding doors, however there are always new ways reaching the market. Pivot doors and overhead doors are just some contemporary methods of merging the inside and outside.

5. Geometric Shapes

Geometric design elements don’t have to scream ‘mod’ style. Geometric touches are quirky and interesting – perfect in small touches. Look for hexagonal shapes in rugs for the living room floor, or maybe use squares, stripes and chevron styles for tableware.

6. Unconventional Focal Points

A hot design trend right now is to create a focal point where they were traditionally avoided. For example, rather than using muted tones for splashbacks, decorators are utilising bold colours and patterns to make a statement. While not suited to every style of home, these decorative splashbacks are an inexpensive way to add colour as well.

7. Statement Lighting

Pendants are one of the hottest developments in lighting for the home. Gone are oyster lights and industrial lamps, right now it is all about pendant lights. Coupled with filament light bulbs, bowl pendants bring a vintage feel into the home, while wire cage pendants create striking silhouettes.

The beauty of these design trends is most can be tailored slightly to suit your preferences. Where you choose to incorporate them is entirely at your discretion. What are some design trends you are thinking about for your home?

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