How to Take a Great Family Road Trip in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly getaway, a road trip can be as cost-effective as it is fun. Luckily, there are a lot of destinations you can enjoy, many of which are suitable for children of all ages. So, pack up your bags, hop in the car, and see everything your great country has to offer.

Road Trip Preparations
Before you start the journey, certain tasks should be completed in advance. For example, make sure your vehicle is in good repair and that the tires are properly inflated. Pack a few emergency items, like a first aid kit and paper towels for spills, and give the interior a basic cleaning to help keep everyone comfortable. If you’re going through some more remote areas, then consider getting a roadside assistance plan. That way, if you do breakdown, you’ll have a number to call and help can quickly be on the way.

The Great Green Way Road Trip
Located between Cairns and Townsville in Far North Queensland, the Great Green Way is an incredible journey filled with nature experiences and opportunities to sample local cuisine. There are multiple walking tracks through the 12 mainland National Parks along the route as well as opportunities for fishing and chances to visit a selection of historical stops.

There are also 25 islands located off of the coast along the Great Green Way, giving you an opportunity to explore everything the tropics have to offer. You can even take the time to visit the Big Cassowary, a simple experience the kids are sure to remember.

Sydney to Melbourne Road Trip
This 10-hour drive along Hume Highway may seem dull if you try to head straight through. However, if you take the time to explore the potential stops along the way, the stretch between Sydney and Melbourne can actually be quite exciting. Make stops in small towns like Tintaldra and Walwa or stay to watch the sun set over Lake Hume. Visit Central Tilba for the vibrantly colored main street shops or check out Tuross Lake for some kayaking.

If you take your time during the trip, you’ll find a lot of opportunities for family-friendly fun and adventure along the way.

The Central West Road Trip
If you want a scenic road trip that is typically less traveled, consider taking Bells Line of Road through the Blue Mountains. You can explore the beauty along the way and stop to stretch your legs at the Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens. Check out the town of Orange for some great eateries and places to rest overnight. Once you hit Dubbo, you can experience the wonderful plains. Then, you can choose to cut over to the Darling River for a fun night of camping or visit various small towns you may encounter along the way.

With some proper planning, a family road trip can be an excellent way to unwind, find adventure, or simply bond with one another. Just don’t be afraid to examine what’s off the beaten path and explore everything Australia has to offer.

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