Saving Money on Your Next Family Holiday

Taking a family holiday is a great way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories. It can also be a bit tricky to fit into the budget. However, with a few of these tips you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next holiday. Travelling can be fun and budget friendly.

Change your dates
If your next holiday has you packing your passport, you could potentially save thousands of dollars by moving your holiday dates to September through early November. This is particularly true if your destination is England, the United States, Canada or Mexico.

September through November is notoriously light for travelers during this time because school is back in session so families are sticking to the home front. Do watch out for the last week or November in the U.S as Thanksgiving week is notoriously busy at airports and travel destinations in the States.

You can find better deals on airfare and hotels at many major travel destinations when you go off-season.

Think outside the box
Planning to head to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, consider staying at a hotel off the resort or choose a cheaper on-site hotel. Disney World has dozens of hotels to choose from that are relatively close to the parks, choose a cheaper hotel to save thousands of dollars. Disneyland only has three resort hotels, but check into some of the nearby hotels for much cheaper rates. You could easily save over $1000 just by choosing a hotel offsite in Anaheim, California.

Get a kitchen
If you are planning an extended stay, consider finding a hotel with a kitchen. It is much cheaper to buy groceries at a local store than to eat out every night. Stock up on your own snacks and skip the soda to save even more money.

Keep an eye on airfare
There are literally dozens off websites that help you monitor airfare. Set alerts on your computer or phone to let you know when lower prices drop in. Snag your airfare at least 6 weeks out, and keep watching the prices. Most airports/ticket sites will allow you to call in and take advantage of the lower prices. They may credit the extra money back to your account or offer credit for your next flight.

Take a road trip
Driving is usually cheaper than flying. Stay in country and take a road trip to a larger city or nearby beach area. Splurge on a nicer hotel or a few dinners out and cut out the international travel all together. Explore parts of Australia you have not seen yet. Take in a few plays, romp on the beach or enjoy outdoor adventures close to home.

Do your research
Before you head off to locals unknown, read about your destination online. Read deeply. Look for websites that offer coupons or discounts to restaurants or shows in the area. You do not have to pay full price when you are on holiday. Take a few extra minutes to scout out cheap transportation, entertainment and dining options to pare down on holiday expenses.

Living on a budget does not mean no fun. It simply means learning how to have fun without spending more money than you have to!

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