Pure Imagination – 6 Tips For Boosting Your Creativity

One goal everyone seems to have is to find a way to be more creative.

Either with their ideas and solutions or in an artistic sense where we are literally trying to create beautiful art and music. There are some tricks but becoming more creative is mostly down to forcing ourselves to find the time, motivation and love for creation and making it a regular part of our lives.

  1. Bring More Music Into Your Life

All music is good music, so pick yourself up a keyboard or ukulele from a seller such as Five Star Music!

Music in almost every form boosts creativity! Listening to it is great, playing it is even better. You don’t need to have any kind of skill or training to experience the benefits. In fact it can be argued that people that are self taught on their instruments get more out of them than those who get lessons.

  1. Do Crafts

Get in touch with your inner child and get messy with a craft project!

If you are unsure where to start or haven’t had many ideas lately, you can just go down to your local store and buy one of those kids DIY boxes. They usually come with all of the supplies you need and instructions for those of us who are unused to craft and creation. Doing things with your hands and learning to enjoy the process is far more valuable than producing a perfect final product so let the mess happen and proudly display whatever you end up with (even if it is only for a day or two)!

  1. Set Up a Space

However you decide to express your creativity, it can be hard to slip into the right mindset when you want to. Having a dedicated space is one way to help your brain get in the zone. Surround the area with things that inspire your creative process, and things you aspire to. You should have a table or desk that is large enough for your work and have all of your supplies handy so that you don’t get too distracted too often.

  1. Carve Out Some Time

If you are someone who just never gets around to “it”?

Then it is time to stop making excuses and schedule it into your week. Pick a two or three hour period once a week and tell people in advance that you will be unavailable. Find a podcast you like and let yourself off the hook, just spend the time doing whatever it is you do when you feel inspired. It can be difficult in the beginning that is why you need to keep it up regularly.

  1. Bring In a Friend

If you have tried to put in the time and you are still hitting a mental block when it comes to your creative side there are still things that can be done. Try inviting someone else along, someone similarly inclined. You can try brainstorming ideas for projects or working together on something you have wanted to try for a while.

Even having someone else in the room working independently on something of their own whilst you go about your business can be all of the motivation you need to get started. One thing that can help with the creative process is to start with the exact same prompt or idea and then compare finished works, how different (or similar) they are is always extremely interesting!

  1. Have Toys Around

If just being more creative in general or encouraging more “out of the box thinking” is your goal, you can try keeping a few fiddle toys around. Things that your fingers can mindlessly play with like legos or maze pens. If you don’t want your coworkers to notice you can take the more subtle route and have some blue-tak on hand or simply allow yourself to doodle when the mood takes you.

All of these things can help shift your perspective enough to allow your brain to approach a problem differently, or give it the break it needs to continue along with the task you are working on.

Creativity is something that comes naturally to some; those people are called children (or very blessed adults)! For the rest of us we need to put in the time and effort but the positives far outway the negatives and it’s worth it in the end!

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