How to Organise A Long Distance Move and Save

Moving house is a big undertaking – it’s both exciting and terrifying. When you are only moving locally, it seems that things can be organized quickly and easily, but when you are facing a long distance move, there is so much to plan and keep track of, that it can be slightly overwhelming for the whole family.

A long-distance move can be organized in a straight forward manner, but the changes will be bigger. The change of scenery, the new city, the new lifestyle and even a new language, can be tough to get used to at first. Follow this long distance move guide, which will help you manage with the organization process and have a stress-free and smooth house move.

Start to organize it early: As soon as you know that the move is inevitable, start planning it and inform your children, friends and relatives that you are moving. The more time you have, the calmer you’ll feel – that’s certain. Prepare a checklist and then take the inventory. Think of an approximate moving date and make sure you take into consideration all the factors. All these initial decisions might take up to a few days to make, but they are essential steps early in the organizational process.

Choose well: The choice of a long-distance moving company will determine the success of your relocation. Make a good choice – a reputable and registered removal company with plenty of experience and full coverage of your shipment. A long distance move sometimes requires more than one means of transport, so you need to make sure that the mover is a licensed and qualified one.

Sort out the moving details: A long distance requires more than just arranging the removals services. Gather all personal documents: certificates, medical and dental records, diplomas, veterinary records of your pets and others. Keep them in one file and make sure you pack it in your own luggage.

Choose a new school: Moving house with children is quite a challenge. Not only do you need to explain why the move is happening, but you also have to take the time to look for a new school for them. Make sure that you discuss this with them and don’t make them feel ignored.

Book your flights: If you are flying to the destination of your new home, book the flights as early as possible to get a better deal. Ensure that you arrive at the new home before the moving truck with your shipment. Pack your valuables, documents and basic essentials in the flight luggage.

Follow these organizational tips and you will have an easy, quick and stress-free long distance move. It’s easier than you think to move house even if it’s internationally, so ensure that you take the right steps.


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