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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas Without Breaking the Bank

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you haven’t had the time to organize anything yet? There is no need to worry, even if you can’t afford to spend much on a gift or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. There are plenty of things you can do for your significant other in the very last minute, which are romantic and affordable.

Candlelight Picnic: This is one of the most romantic and unique ideas, which doesn’t require much preparation, but will be strongly appreciated. Cook a dinner or order food and don’t forget the wine and the desert. Arrange the food and the cushions in front of the fireplace or by the soft candlelight of scented candles, you have lit in advance, turn the lights off and you have the perfect Valentine’s environment.

Handmade Card/Handwritten Letter: Don’t underestimate the power of words and creativity. You can make your own Valentine’s card and impress your significant other truly. Or you could write them a love letter and hide it somewhere. Leave little notes with directions until they find it. A love letter shows so much love and care that it will be quite moving for them to read.

Movie Marathon: If your significant other appreciates spending time together like this, why don’t you organize a movie marathon of their favourite franchise or type of movies? It will be the perfect Valentine’s date indoor – movies, wine, popcorn and cuddling.

Fun Date Night: This can be organized literally in the last minute. Pick a place to move like Harrow where you can eat, drink and play bowling or pool together. Any activity that you like doing together – now’s the perfect time to do it. It’s affordable, fun and romantic.

Board Game: You need a few hours for that – either make it yourself or print out a board games for couples from the Internet. It’s a fun game and an opportunity to spend a different Valentine’s Day indoors.

Vouchers: Browse the Internet for last-minute vouchers and take your significant other to a nice dinner or to the theatre. There are so many affordable date night options, as long as you know where to look for them. After all, your loved one doesn’t need to know that you haven’t spent a fortune on the dinner and the play. For them it will be the thought and the romantic gesture that matters the most.

Decorate the Bath: Want to make your significant other feel in heaven? It’s not as hard as you may thing. Decorate the bath and the area around it for the perfect bath. Put candles and pour their favourite drink in a glass. Fill the bath with fragrant oils and foam. Turn off the lights and scatter some flower petals on the floor. This is a romantic and magical way to express your affection and care, especially if your loved one is coming back from work.


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