Micro-needling & A Dermroller Review

Microneedling is really having its moment. These treatments stimulate your body to produce its own collagen and elastin, so it’s not introducing any toxins, and it isn’t as invasive as many other popular cosmetic procedures, such as Botox.

I just recently listened to a friend talk about regularly driving 45 minutes and spending $399 per treatment for Microneedling on her face, which has helped to reduce her dark patches of skin pigmentation. A quick google showed me that this eye-watering amount was actually mid-range, and that the same treatment can be much more expensive at some boutique clinics.

So I went home and decided to open a box that I had received in the mail a few days earlier, and which contained a microneedle roller (MNR). The MNR is the in-home version of salon microneedling and it is an interesting little tool. It has a size and shape that is similar to a ladies disposable razor, but the head is a rotating cylinder that is studded with dozens of very very tiny needles.

At first I just randomly rolled it over my face, a little cautiously at first but as I found that it didn’t hurt I rolled a little faster and covered a lot more skin. My skin is not sensitive and so it didn’t turn red. Even though it uses tiny needles, it wasn’t until the moment I stopped rolling that I realised that it definitely did leave my skin tingling. It wasn’t painful, but it was a noticeable sensation for a minute after I had finished, similar to using an AHA Exfoliant.

Dermarollers have a variety of uses from treating various skin issues to addressing hair loss. I was hoping to treat a couple of wrinkles across my forehead, so I used the 0.5mm model, which is the size recommended for fine lines. Of the two most noticeable lines on my forehead, I saw a reduction in the smaller line after one application. My larger and deeper line, I think is looking a little fainter, but as it is deeper I assume I will need a few more applications of the MNR Dermaroller. I have also since learned that there is a technique to how you should roll, so if I was doing it wrong and got results, I am looking forward to the results when I do it properly.

After a few uses I have come to like the sensation of the dermaroller, and plan to use it a couple of times per week. It feels like it is also freshening my skin similar to an exfoliant, and I have been applying my moisturiser afterwards as it seems to absorb much better.

I am now recommending the MNR dermaroller to my friend, it will cost her less than half of one of those salon sessions, and pumping your collagen while in bed watching Netflix, sounds much better than driving across town to an expensive salon session for the same thing.

Written by Britt B – To have a review or article written up on your products please contact us.

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