Luxury Lifeline – A Guide to Sports Car Maintenance and Upkeep

There is nothing like it. The windows are down, and you are on the highway flooring it. The music is blaring, and you can feel the car giddy-up as you press the gas. Driving a muscle car is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have, even with only a V6 engine.

Whether you are driving a convertible or not, sports cars have their own aura. Everyone wants one or at least wants to drive one. From just your sporty Ford Mustang to your more finicky Alfa Romeo, sports cars have been an iconic part of car culture. Tricked out or just your basic, dressed down vehicle, everyone has a favourite. However, they do come with caveats, especially where maintenance is concerned.

For tips on how to maintain your sportiest sports car, continue reading below.

Basic Maintenance
The basic upkeep of a sports car includes regular visits to the shop. Whether visiting a mechanic in Airport West or another spot, routine car care lengthens the life of your vehicle. Some of the things you should always make sure to take care of include changing the tires, brake pads, brakes, and headlights.

While this is simple car care, these issues should be addressed as to avoid costly charges due to neglect. For example, do not ignore brake pad issues as constant driving can wear down the axle of the vehicle. Also, changing the brakes is integral because sports cars can be temperamental, and because they travel at faster speeds than other cars, your brakes experience more wear and tear. Parts for sports cars tend to be more expensive, so ignoring these basic issues can lead to other ones that are more serious and costly.

If you have to store your car for a long time, there are a few safety checks you can do to make sure your car runs efficiently and is in great condition. Make sure that your car’s oil life is good and check the gauge to make sure there is enough oil in the car. Change the oil and the filter, and then run your engine for a while. To avoid corrosion of latches and hinges, spray them with white lithium spray and inject grease into all grease fittings.

Buy a bottle of fuel stabilizer and then fill your car with gas. After the two mix, drive around for at least fifteen minutes so the mixture can spread throughout the system. When finished completing these few measures, seal all openings to keep out small animals. Small animals like to crawl into tight spaces, and a vehicle that is being stored is a great place to hide.

Maintain the interior of your car by covering it with breathable fabric. If your car is going to sit in direct sunlight, you want a water-resistant custom cover. Avoid a waterproof tarp, as these only encourage rusting. Also, make sure to protect the tires from UV rays as well. If the car is going to be stored indoors, you can cover it with just a sheet.

As stated previously, the care and maintenance of sports cars can be quite costly. Tires and other parts tend to be marked up quite significantly in comparison to less luxurious vehicles. Prepare yourself to spend a little extra on basic car maintenance, which includes routine oil changes, engine and transmission flushes, and brake maintenance because sports cars ride smoothly with constant care.

Keeping Up With the Maintenance
Again, the true pleasure of driving a muscle car can only be experienced not described. The power of controlling so much speed is an exhilaration in and of itself. However, behind the thrill of driving some of the fastest, most desired cars in the world is the responsibility of great car maintenance.

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