Seven Luxury Cars That Won’t Break The Bank

In days of old it was often the case that luxury vehicles and powerful automobiles were the exclusive preserve of the wealthy and famous. However, in recent years all that has changed and today it’s very possible to grab your own spruced-up ride, even if you’re on the every man’s pay grade.

While there are still some elite rides out there like the Bentley, Porsche and Ferrari models, there are many more affordable brands on the market today that really pack a punch when it comes to luxury and class. Read on to find out the best picks for less cash!

1. Ford Kuga

Now, everyone knows that aside from being a granddaddy of the car industry, Ford has been producing staple, budget cars for what seems like an eon. With the Ford Kuga, a part of the Ford Crossover SUV range, luxury and power come to you at a price you won’t be balking at.

With such amazing innovations as a foot-swipe activated boot, a powerful engine that’s economical with its fuel, and comfortable wide-glass roof interiors, this Kuga has to be the vehicle of choice for many customers out there. Voice-controlled entertainment systems and driver-safety computer systems are standard fare with the Kuga, and with prices starting at less than $32,000, there’s really no good reason not to buy one.

2. Acura TL

With a V6, 280-horsepower engine and accessories to boot, the Acura TL is a great package for average earners, coming in at only $39,635. The Acura features a technology package consisting of a navigation system, rearview camera (handy for reverse parking), keyless door access, and of course, a snazzy spoiler. All in all, it’s a great ride to get around in at a cost that won’t cripple you.

3. Audi A4 All road

Even though Audi is in many respects seen as a traditionally upmarket brand, these days the company is bringing out signature luxury cars at a fraction of the price of its top-range offerings. The A4 Allroad is an amazing vehicle that has a spacious interior based off the design of it A6 model. Given that its four-cylinder engine generates 211 horsepower and 258 pounds of torque, the $39,600 dollar speed-demon could be yours without the need for serious saving.

4. BMW 135i Coupe

Now, here’s a surprise if ever we saw one! BMW, an absolute standard when it comes to classy cars, has released a model of car that at $39,300 is both affordable and a clear sign of status. With a powerful six -cylinder engine and seven-speed automatic gearbox, you can belt down the road in this nifty beast while enjoying a sophisticated navigation system, an iPad and iPhone-friendly console and hi-definition radio. This one’s a bargain-find if ever there was one.

5. Buick LaCrosse

Buick is well-known for offering its customers a measure of luxury without the price tag, and with the Lacrosse it brings the zing of a V6, 303 horsepower engine and the comfort of an LED touch screen, rear cameras and a Harman Kardon audio system direct to you. This little beauty will go down in history as the car that could, and at $39,545 it’s definitely a vehicle worth considering.

6. Cadillac ATS

Cadillac is a name that screams ‘comfort within budget’, and its new ATS model is no exception to this. With a V6 321-horspower engine and highly impressive handling, acceleration and steering, the ATS should be high-up on the frugal buyers’ list. Not to mention that it comes with all the quality entertainment and comfy interior features of a status vehicle at only $39,330.

7. Chrysler 300

The 300 is the most expensive car on our list, but that really isn’t saying much. At just over $40,000, its still far cheaper than many of the traditional status vehicles out there, and with a V6 engine and 8-seed gearstick, it has the power of some of its more expensive cousins. The car features amazing xenon headlights, well-develop cruise control and warning monitors for collisions. Now that’s surely worth a $40,000 investment, since you’re getting the perks of vehicles closer to the $100,000 mark.

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  1. December 11, 2013 at 1:56 pm — Reply

    I can’t live with a little bit of luxury in life but don’t want to break the bank, so my husband and I are looking to the Ford Kuga especially for the hands free boot and sunroof. Can’t wait to test drive – I’m set on the red!

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