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LED Light Revolution: How to Save on Your Bills

If you are looking to save money on your household bills, there a number of choices you can make to do so. You can switch to more energy efficient appliances, turn off the lights when you are not in a room, use hot water sparingly and cut down on how often you use your dryer. You can also wait to run your washing machine until you have a full load, and ensure your dishwasher is always on the eco-cycle.

While all of these changes will save you money on your bills, it is difficult to make all of these changes at once. However, one change you can easily make in your home is to install LED lighting. LED lighting can save you a small fortune on your household bills each month and you can start making these changes right away.

Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs With LEDs
First things first, swap out all of your old incandescent or halogen bulbs and replace them with LED light bulbs. If you want to prioritise, then start with the lights in rooms that are lit up for longer periods of time.

Traditional light bulbs are just not that efficient. At best, they run at 20% efficiency, meaning that 80% or more of the electricity you use to power them is lost to the atmosphere. LEDs on the other hand, run at 80% to 90% efficiency. This means that the electricity you pay for to run your lighting is better utilised with almost all of it being transferred into light, with only 10%-20% of it being turned to heat. The result is you saving money on your bills each month.

Change Bulbs Less Often
LED light bulbs last much, much longer than traditional bulbs. A 100-watt incandescent light bulb will typically last about 2,000 hours, while an LED can last 50,000 hours. You would have to replace that incandescent light bulb 25 times during the lifetime of one LED light. Changing the bulb less  frequently saves you time, and of course, you will not have to buy as many light bulbs, which in turn leaves more money in your back pocket.

Use Less Lights
LED lights are designed to distribute light in a more focused way than traditional light. Because they are so much more efficient than traditional lights, they are much better able to direct light to a specific location or area of the room. This can be useful if you are directing light to one area of the room where you are reading or where there is a mirror. Incandescent lights, by comparison, spread the light around the area with no real focus. With LED lighting, you can point the light to where you need it, meaning you need less lights to light up the space.

When it comes to the environment, LED lights are the best choice for your home. They are completely free of toxic chemicals, making them safer for you and your family to be around. They are made up of recyclable components, and the long life of these bulbs means that do less damage to our environment. This is a wonderful added bonus of these light bulbs that might not save you money directly, but in the long-term you will be helping out the planet.

LED Lights Save You Money
Although they might be more expensive than their halogen counterparts, LED light bulbs will save you money on your household bills in the long run. They are more energy efficient, better for the environment, and provide you better lighting in your home inside and out. Start making small changes around your home today and watch your utility bills decrease over the coming months.

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  1. Amy Temple
    September 20, 2016 at 2:21 pm — Reply

    yes LED lights are way more expensive but it is also energy efficient and durable also, better lighting w/ less wattage and it will save us money in the long run. you can save your money to compensate other expense like your mortgage.

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