Learning Legends – 5 reasons to further your education

No matter if you have just finished high school or if you are considering going back to school after working for a couple of years, it is always good idea to further your education by taking extra courses, which can help you climb the corporate ladder and increase your quality of life.

Here are some more reasons why you should continue studying – don’t worry, it won’t be like high school all over again!

Enhance your marketable skills
Receiving another degree or diploma means you will be learning new skills, and Master’s courses in particular are specifically designed to impart the skills which will be useful in the real world. Once you complete a course, these newfound skills will help you perform better in your current position, open up new opportunities and make you a more competitive candidate for new positions. You will also be trained to be an expert in your field, allowing you to earn the reputation as a respected professional.

Pursue a better career
A degree can open the door to your ideal career. Although many people claim that formal education does not translate to street credibility, the reality is that a university degree often helps you get your ideal job much faster than the others. Many companies require a certain level of education for promotional consideration or award extra points to those with a degree. One of the reasons is that the degree one has completed makes a statement about the individual, their commitment to self-improvement and their ability to finish a self-assigned task. These are important traits and worthy of consideration in the promotional process. Your employer will hold a preference for someone who is not afraid of picking up new knowledge and skills, and a degree demonstrates that.

Prepare for a career change
Not everyone can find the perfect job the first time round. After working in your current job for a while, you may feel uncertain about the prospects of your industry or your job function. You don’t have to settle with it, and getting yourself a qualification in another area that you are interested in means you are crisis-proofing your career. If you’re looking for an alternative to studying a degree which takes a long time to achieve, you can consider short-term professional courses that only requires a few weeks of commitment.

Expand your network
Perhaps the most important reason to further your education is to establish and expand your connections. Most further education programs, including the emerging online courses like those provided by Swinburne, require you to engage in the online discussions and collaborations with fellow students. This can be a very horizon-broadening experience, and is a good opportunity to meet people and build relationships which will continue long after the academic process. Remember the people you meet here may become your potential future colleagues and partners. These connections may help you find a new career altogether or result in useful contacts for your current one.

Enjoy greater job satisfaction
Job satisfaction is important in professional life. A good way to ensure the enjoyment factor in your work is to learn new things and experimenting with those concepts in practical life. You don’t have to enrol in a university degree – simply signing up for the courses that interest you will help you discover which career you can enjoy the most and allow you to make the best career-related decisions.

Yuan Liu is a freelancer who has recently joined an online course on Public Relations. Online learning seems to her a new way to pursue college degree and enhance her career.

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