Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing vs. Shaving

The age-old debate over whether laser hair removal, waxing or shaving is the best option for hair removal is still ongoing. There are pros and cons for each type of method, and a lot of it comes down to what people want out of their hair removal, as well as how much time they have and how much money they’re willing to spend. Here’s a breakdown of each kind of hair removal treatment so you can decide which one is your best choice.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a treatment that involves the application of tiny pulses of high-intensity light directly onto the skin, targeting hair at its root and therefore destroying its growth. In accordance to your natural hair growth cycle, you’ll need to visit the clinic over a number of sessions for the most effective and precise removal of hair.

The main benefit of laser hair removal is that results are often dramatic and impressive, leaving patients with long-lasting hair-free skin. There are many reputable clinics around Australia that can provide you with a trusted service. However, laser hair removal is only recommended for those who are ready to make the commitment of routinely visiting the clinic and treating their skin correctly in between sessions.

Hot wax as a means of hair removal has been used for decades. You’re left with silky smooth skin, but only until your hair starts to grow back – and then you have to deal with the frustrating prickly stage that comes with regrowth. However, waxing is still a popular hair removal method that can be done in-salon or at home.

Waxing is convenient because it rips the hair out from the root, meaning it takes a longer amount of time to grow back than shaving. However, waxing won’t get rid of the hair forever and is only a suitable option for somebody with a high pain tolerance who that can fit regular waxing into their schedule.

Shaving is one of the most common forms of hair removal, as it can be done every day in the shower with a cheap razor. This hair removal method simply removes any visible hair by cutting it at the skin’s surface. It’s quick, easy and convenient for people who don’t mind regularly shaving and caring for their skin. However, shaving comes with the most cons out of all hair removal options.

Shaving often leaves ingrown hairs, can cause blunt and coarse regrowth, and can get expensive over time as the cost of shavers adds up. Shaving also offers the shortest results for hair removal. Depending on your own individual hair growth, hair can grow back as quickly as one to three days later.

The Verdict
For long-term results, laser hair removal is considered to be the most effective of options. However, as it does involve a commitment, it’s a good idea to talk to a qualified and experienced beauty therapist about your options and the specific areas you want treated.

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