Investing in a caravan – which is best for your family

If you and your family love experiencing everything Australia has to offer – beaches, rivers, resort towns and so much more – it’s worth investing in a caravan. Though caravans might look like big upfront expenses, they’re actually an investment in your family’s leisure time for years or even decades to come.

Before delving into caravan sales websites, magazines and trade shows, you need to answer two crucial questions. What can your current vehicle tow and based on that, what is your current budget. Remember, caravans are investments so it makes sense to shop around for low interest rate caravan or recreational vehicle finance. Many brokers out there can help you find the best deals on caravan finance, too. It’s also worth remembering that buying new helps you save on your caravan loan, as the lender is taking on less of a risk. It’s better for you and better for the health of your loan.

You should also figure out where you go on holiday most often. If you go on holiday in resort towns or on the coast, there’s little need to buy a fifth wheeler caravan (a caravan that’s essentially a home on wheels) if you’ll be staying in caravan parks. If your surroundings have amenities such as showers, ample water and mains power (and etc.), then a pop-top or wind-out caravan might be best for your family. If you’re going off road, you’ll need a caravan or trailer rated for that purpose. You’ll also need survival equipment – power generators, water tanks and places to fit that gear. Camper trailers might be able to handle off-road – traditional caravans likely can’t

You should also determine what you absolutely need and what’s a “nice to have” option in your caravan or camper trailer. Features that most families “must” have are comfortable beds, ample space for kids and racks for equipment such as bikes or kayaks. If your family isn’t as adventurous but doesn’t mind roughing it, a camper trailer that folds out into a tent-like structure with basic amenities on the tailgate could do the trick. Some camper trailers have “soft-floors” and have extra room when extended. If you are taking your caravan or camper trailer off road, you should check if the trailer has protection against dust, water, stones and debris. There’s nothing worse finding your trailer or caravan is soaked after a spot of rain.

Once you have a caravan, you’ll never have to pay for hotels ever again! Setting yourself up at a caravan park is easy. Not only that, you’ll be among people who might become friends for life!

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