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Impulse Buy Infographic – Rabo Direct

Everybody loves to score a great deal, but more and more of us seem to be wasting unnecessary funds by impulsively buying items we don’t really need. Impulse buying appears to be rising to alarming levels in the modern day consumer, with over 81% of us admitting that we have made some sort of impulsive purchase in the last 6 months.

With the current simplicity of online shopping the temptation to purchase more and more has never been so prominent. The presence of numerous group buying schemes, streamlined ecommerce checkout processes and an array of online super sales means that consumers are now more exposed than ever to these apparent “must have” items.

Women seem to make most of their impulse purchases on shoes and clothing, whereas men prefer to spend their finances technology items and gadgets.
Although snapping up a spur of the moment purchase can be fine on occasion, if you are finding that the impulsive purchases are eating away at your hard earned savings then it may well be time to reconsider what is really an “essential purchase”.

impulse buying

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