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How To Modernise Your Home In 2019

2019 is the year of innovation, and if that seems hard to believe as you look around your home – it may be time that you thought about modernising your home. We get into such a rhythm with life that we rarely take stock of what surrounds us, and how we can invest more in the future of our home. It’s hard to look at your home with unbiased eyes, so take your time before you make any changes and look through a range of home life magazines to get your creative modern minds ticking. Here’s 5 things that will stylishly and effectively modernise your home in 2019.

Lighting solutions

How does the light fall in your home? For many homeowners, they have accepted their light flow as something they cannot change – making do with what they have. That doesn’t have to be the case, and in 2019 you can master just how much natural light graces your living spaces. Installing Skylights in Sydney with introduce some needed light into your home, and you can install as many or as little as you like. Also look to highlight your windows more, by choosing light and sheer curtains that will allow more light to filter in.

Compelling art

Adorning your walls and tables with art is a beautiful addition to any home. There are so many local artists that you can choose compelling art from, and it doesn’t have to be only a print. You can source a sculpture, ceramic or even an installation for your home. There is never a wrong decision when it comes to art, as beauty is entirely in the eye of the beholder. This will give your home an injection of culture and modern style, and a way to express yourself as you would like.

Landscaping creativity

As we saw in 2018, the landscaping game has changed enormously. This will continue well into 2019. You can add some modern creativity to your front and back areas by assessing what can be added, and what can be removed from the space. Less is often more when it comes to your modern landscaping concept, so aim for hardy trees and shrubs, the right hedging and a classic driveway tile. If you’re not sure what modern landscaping looks like, you can take a drive to some of the premium homes of your city and draw some inspiration there. The more research you do, the greater chance you will have at implementing something that is unique and on trend.

Trade colour for neutrals

No one is saying that you should abandon your love for colour, but you can dial it back in place of some more neutral tones. These neutral colours date a lot slower, and they make any room look as if there were freshly designed and renovated. Not to mention a lot larger. They also set you up to complement your space with colorful accent pieces like bright cushions and occasional furniture.


Technology isn’t just for the office or your smart devices, it can also be integrated into your home. Why? To make your daily grind a little less hard and to bring 2019 into your home. You can do this with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which works to control your lighting and music – and really anything else you sync up to the system.

Modernise your home in 2019 with these stylish additions that are both aesthetically and technologically appealing. All these elements do not need to be rolled out at once, in fact you can take your time and start small with one room or one floor first.

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