How Music Can Help you Study

Do you like listening to music? Do you like studying? Have you tried putting those together? Studies are constantly being done to identify the difference between those who listen to music and those who do not while they are studying. In many cases, listening to music can help you to concentrate and retain a larger amount of information. Here are some of the ways music can help you study.


Music has relaxing qualities that can allow your senses to work less hard. While all music is different, soothing sounds can help to relax your mind and allow you to concentrate with more ease. With your mind relaxed you will be able to focus more readily on what is in front of you and leave out all other distractions that might get in the way. This is especially helpful if you are someone who is working part-time and studying part-time through a flexible educational provider such as Evocca College; with little time to spare, life can be stressful and you need all the relaxation you can get!

Tasks seem easier

Because music is relaxing, it can make tasks seem easier. The music choice is a vital aspect of this equation. The beat and tone of any song can have a significant impact upon your mood and how you approach each task you need to complete, or subject you need to learn. If you study a subject while listening to music that is distracting, or negative in tone, you will go into the test with the same attitude.

Create an escape

You’ve probably heard it time and again: the old cliché that ‘music is an escape.’ For some this couldbe completely true. In terms of studying, the saying does have its merits. Music can allow you to drown out everything else that is around you. You can concentrate more fully on what is in front of you instead of letting other background noises interfere. The music you listen to is entirely up to you, which is why you are in control of the noise instead of being a victim of it.

Choose the familiar

Listen to what you already know. New music can be distracting, because you have never heard it before. You might focus more on a song that is brand new: listen to the beat, the melody, the vocals, the lyrics. A song you have heard time and again will not come as a surprise, so in some ways you can almost ignore it. If you are trying to get things done and learn new material from a textbook, learning a new song at the same time will not be beneficial.

Forget the words

While music can certainly help you study and enhance your recall, choose background music over anything else. Generally, music with words can be distracting as you might start to think more about the content of the song than of a textbook. Instrumental music is the best overall choice as it provides a calming effect while filling the room with some noise as you commit important facts to memory.

Music has many benefits to help you study. The trick is to find the best combination of sound, volume, and environment that works best for you.

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