Five Great Reasons to Move Down Under

Australia has always been a highly prized destination for expats from all around the world. And it’s no wonder; with its pristine beaches, soaring blue skies, breathtaking landscape and laid-back vibe, living in Australia can often feel like one long vacation. But these aren’t the only reasons that so many people choose to move to Australia each year. In fact, there are so many amazing reasons to do so that it would be impossible to list them all here. So instead, read on to discover 5 of the best reasons why you should consider moving down under.

1. Job Opportunities
Australia has weathered the storm of the global economic recession fairly well, and the Australian economy is continuing to grow steadily. The country has a low unemployment rate and, depending on your occupation, skill set and level of education, there are plenty of opportunities for immigrants.

2. Flora and Fauna
Australia’s landscape is rich, diverse and beautiful. It’s also home to a huge variety of different species of animals, insects and birds. Everything you could want for – and more – can be found in Australia, from deserts and mountains to rainforests and tropical reefs. If getting up close and personal with nature is your thing, you’ll love all that Oz has to offer.

3. It’s Easy to Get There
The world is shrinking! Not literally, but with today’s amazing global transport links it’s never been so easy to emigrate to Australia from anywhere in the world. And this isn’t just good news for you, it’s good news for your belongings too. So if you’re thinking about moving permanently to Australia, visit for a quote on how you can make sure your life moves with you.

4. It’s In a Great Location
You couldn’t move to Australia without taking advantage of the country’s location. Oz is situated between the Pacific and Indian oceans, and is very convenient for travel to New Zealand, Tasmania, South-East Asia and even Antarctica. Moving to Australia will open up this part of the world to any intrepid explorer, and give you a good base to start from when planning adventures elsewhere.

5. It’s The Lucky Country
Whereas America is known as the ‘land of opportunity’, Australia is known as The Lucky Country. Originally used to describe Oz as part of a scathing social critique, it has now been re-appropriated in the country’s favour. Those who use it as a term of endearment do so because of the general consensus that many people who live in, and move to, Australia, experience good fortune and prosperity.

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