Celebrating your engagement party in style

We know how much effort it takes to organise an engagement party and we also know that you want to have the perfect merrymaking event. Marriage is a big step in your life and that’s the reason why it is necessary to hold a remarkable event that welcomes the life-changing decisions we take. Even though the preparations can seem to be a tedious process, don’t freak out. Party planning can be a fun thing too, so let’s get started on that planning!

First of all, you need to know what kind of party you are going to throw. Is it going to be an outdoor party with spring dresses, a big list of guests in a big rented-house, or are you going for a backyard barbecue with your dearest friends and family? Before you start making choices, remember that it should never outshine your actual wedding. So, keep it casual and fun! Always keep in mind the kind of wedding party you’re having. You might want to keep the style and tone, or have two different themes. In any case, establishing a wedding theme makes it easier to decide on the kind of engagement party you want to throw.

Pick a place that matches the event you want to host. Start asking for estimates for the possible venues you imagine yourself in with your loved ones. Listening to someone else’s opinion can be really helpful during the selection process (even your mother-in-law opinion can be appreciated).

People always imagine themselves having a big banquet with all three courses on a humongous table with all their loved ones. But that’s actually not a good idea. Engagement parties are about sharing the excitement of the moment with your closest friends. The best way to do it is to have food stations like buffet or food trucks that allow people to move about and mingle. Save the proper sit-down meals for the wedding.

Set a date and always have a plan B. You have chosen the kind of event you want and the perfect venue for it, but it could turn out that the place has been already booked, so try to have a backup plan. Don’t leave it for later, remember that the engagement party is celebrated within the first months after the proposal.

Who should you invite and how to do it? First tip, don’t invite anyone you don’t want to invite to your wedding party. It’s an etiquette thing. If you want to avoid hurting feelings and hearing the subsequent gossip, keep it simple and limit the party to your closest friends and your family. Regarding the invitations, as stated before, match them with the formality of the event, when having a really well-prepared engagement party the best thing you can do is getting in contact with a designer for him to create and design your invitations. In case of something more low-key, don’t get stressed over invitations. The good thing about the engagement party is that it isn’t as solemn as a wedding party. You can make the invitations yourself or you can simplify it and send an email to your desired attendees. However, regardless of what type of party you will be throwing, always try to send the invitations with plenty of lead time. Your guests will sure want to arrange plans to attend you party.

How should you do it? We advise to keep a relaxed and casual tone, nothing that could eclipse your wedding; remember this is only the engagement party, just have fun. Indifferently of the plans you are making, you need to have something that lets you keep some of the memories of the party. A fun and useful method to achieve this objective is to seek out a company that specialises in photo booth hire for this special event.

Photo booths can also be decorated to match the formality of the event you will be having, so it encourages interaction between your guests and will let them and let you keep a photo album of this remarkable date. Your guests will surely show a pleasant smile when they look at those high-quality photos remembering the great time they had. Double up the fun of the photo booth by having dress up accessories or creative costumes for guests to get creative with.

The biggest tip we can give you for organising your engagement party is to remind you that your engagement party is not you wedding party. Your engagement party should not overshadow your wedding event. Keep it classy, keep it stylish, but keep it simple! Hire a photo booth to keep beautiful photos of this event, it allows you to keep it fun as well!

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