Bella Box Beauty Snap Review July 2019

When you reach a certain age you have learned a lot about your body and what products suit your skin, your hair, your style. Sometimes this can be a relief, as you don’t waste money on products that you might only use once. However, this can also be very limiting, if you stick to the old and familiar, you might never discover newer, better products that you might actually prefer.

For younger women, the opposite can be true. You are not yet always sure what suits, or even what you like best, and trying everything can put you on a very expensive learning curve. Bella Box is a solution to both dilemmas. It is a monthly beauty subscription service that delivers you a beautifully boxed set of luxury beauty samples, with different products to try each month, and for a very affordable price (from $19.95/month including delivery).

I am firmly in the first category of comfort zone, so I was interested in Bella Box as a convenient way to try new products and brands. The boxes feature an ever-changing line-up of skincare and makeup by both local and international brands .

The first product that I saw when I opened the pretty blue box, was Seacret, a brand that I had heard of, and was very interested to try. The product was a generous, full size, 200ml Pomegranate body moisturiser. After one application, my winter skin still felt very moisturised many hours later. I immediately felt like the $19.95 monthly membership price was worth it for this one product alone (r.r.p. $30).

There were six beauty items in my box (the subscription guarantees a minimum of five). The other products were, in order of joy: a full-size eye shadow in a plum colour that I love; a 7ml skin illuminator; a purse size 20g Vitamin E Cream, a single application of intensive hand cream; and a packet of 18 pimple patches.

The eye shadow (Miracle) is similar to colours that I normally wear but my first time using this brand (Luna by Luna). It has great pigmentation that I normally look for in brands like Mac. Meanwhile a skin Illuminator is not a product that I have used before, but the Model Co. sample from my Bella Box has now added a subtle change to my regular foundation, with a little more glow and a little more definition.

The only sample that I have yet to use is the Subi Pimple Patch, which is a product I definitely did not know existed. I was still doing the ‘dab of toothpaste’ from olden times. While that sample will have to wait for a breakout to be tested, all in all, I feel like there was a lot of value to be found in that little blue box, and I have definitely achieved my goal of expanding my base of beauty products.

There is also something to be said for the anticipation of next month’s box, and what little treats and new brands I will discover when it arrives at my door.

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