Australians Are Spending More On Cosmetic Surgery Than the US

Most people, when asked where they would consider the plastic surgery capital of the world to be, would answer the United States. Glossy magazines are full of Hollywood’s ever-youthful A-listers; seeming to defy the aging process that we mere mortals inevitably succumb to.

It may come as a surprise then to discover that, per capita, Australia actually outspends the US when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures to the face and body. After all, we are surrounded by average, individuals very few of whom are displaying the tell-tale signs of plastic surgery we see on so many Hollywood faces. Of course, this very fact may be the key to Australia’s increasing interest in cosmetic surgery procedures.

The best of the best

One reason plastic surgery is becoming increasingly accepted and sought after in Australia is the skill and expertise of our doctors. Melbourne plastic surgeons are recognised throughout the world as having some of the highest patient satisfaction ratings, in large part due to superior training combined with cutting edge facilities. They are also recognised as having their finger on the pulse of all the latest techniques and advances in the field.

Plastic surgeons are not only trained in the technique, but they are also educated to work with the aesthetic balance and symmetry of the face and body. All this translates to natural, lasting results which are undetectable even to close family members.

 Where is the money being spent

Australia now leads the world in dollars spent per capita on cosmetic procedures In fact according to an industry report, we spend a jaw-dropping one billion dollars on procedures per year. A good chunk of this cash (around $350 million) is being spent on ‘wrinkle relaxers’ such as Botox and Dysport. Clinics have popped up everywhere including shopping centres and the competition means injectables have become more accessible to the everyday wage earner.

Lifestyle factors

Of course, the disparity in $$$’s spent may also have something to do with our lifestyle. The figures quoted above include procedures like treating sun-damaged skin which has resulted in freckling or premature aging; common problems in Australia due to our climate. Skin cancer is another risk factor caused by Australian’s exposure to the sun. Cosmetic surgery may be used after the removal of a cancerous lesion to minimise the appearance of surgical scars.

Other procedures to treat acne scarring and birthmarks, are not generally thought of as cosmetic procedures yet may fall into the category of ‘cosmetic surgery’.

A word to the wise

So where best to spend your money? It may be prudent to avoid cosmetic providers who promote the latest ‘non-surgical’ machines. It is common for people to choose these options as an alternative to surgery. They spend thousands in the hope that these will be some kind of miracle cure. So-called ‘lunchtime lifts’ are at best misleadingly named and at worst a completely ineffective waste of money. 

Beware of stunning before and after transformation photos which claim to be the result of running a conduit or roller over the skin. The truth is none of these products will even come close to providing the dramatic and long-lasting results of plastic surgery. This is particularly so for older individuals with loose, drooping skin – nothing is going to return it back to its soft, supple condition. The best option to lift and tighten is a surgical operation which will remove excess skin, tighten the underlying muscles and then redrape the skin.

Australians are finding themselves in the enviable position where they have access to affordable, world-class cosmetic plastic surgery providers. We no longer have to grin and bear features of our body we find embarrassing or sub-standard. It is time we embraced a new ethos to ensure we live our best life.

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