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The Activity Almanac – Adding a Dash of Excitement to Your Kid’s Birthday

Are you planning a birthday for your child? It’s an exciting time, especially for kids. When you’re an adult a birthday is just another reminder of getting old and sore and tired. But when you’re young it’s a day filled with magic, wonder and amazement. You get presents and get all your friends and family in the same place to celebrate one thing – you. So you need to make sure that your kids birthday is exciting and fun. Let’s check out a few ways you can do that.

Get Jumping!
A trampoline park is a great outing, full stop. But it’s an extra special outing for a kid’s birthday party. All the kids invited will love it, and will talk about for weeks afterwards. They can bounce, spin, jump and get giddy with excitement and joy. And don’t worry about safety either. All trampoline parks ensure that their patrons are fully protected from trips, spills and tumbles with netting and padded floors. Load them up on sugar and watch them go.

Hire Some Fun Entertainment
Did you know that there are professional children’s party entertainers? These people will come, dress up, bring sound systems and lighting and sing, dance and caper all for your kid’s and their friend’s amusement. Please keep in mind that these people are professionals, and you may have to enact some discipline so your children don’t get over excited and end up jumping on and injuring the hired help.

Hire a Photobooth
Photobooths aren’t just for weddings and 21sts! People are taking selfies at younger and younger ages these days, and hiring a photobooth for your kid’s birthday party may be just the ticket. As well as having a barrel load of fun, they will end up with mementos to keep and look back on with warm fondness for years to come.

Music and Lighting
Everyone loves a dance party! While the music may not be to your own personal preferences (The Wiggles, anyone?) your kids and their guests will love it. You can pick up combined sound and lighting sets from most discount stores like Kmart and Big W, or you can go a bit more professional and hire some. Plug in your smartphone, put on those classic kid’s tracks and away they’ll go. Make sure to move the breakable objects away though. Kids’ dance moves can get pretty wild.

Fun and Games
Kids can get really bored, really quickly. It’s important to have an activity or three planned for the event, especially if it’s running for a few hours in a row. Try some tried and tested classics like pass the parcel or pin the tail on the donkey. You could also get outside and throw quoits or play croquet or a three-legged race.

Make Sure to Have Fun
There you are. Consider taking your kid and all their mates out to the local trampoline park. If you’re entertaining at home then consider hiring a professional children’s entertainer. Try hiring a photobooth, or some sound and lighting, or both. Finally, include some classic kid’s games to keep the mob entertained. And make sure to have fun!

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