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7 Practical Tips for Saving on Petrol

The cost of living seems to continue to rise while salaries stay flat. This really puts financial pressure on the average Aussie family trying to make ends meet. Outside of getting a raise or looking for a new job with a higher salary, controlling expenses is one of the best ways to help reduce financial stress.

While there are numerous things that can be addressed to help reduce costs in the family budget, we’ll focus on petrol here. There are many things a person can do to help reduce petrol costs even while prices go up. A combination of fuel saving technique can really change the cost for your weekly, fortnightly or monthly stops for the better.

Practical tips to stretch your dollar for the next time you top up

Tyre Pressure – Simple right? You’d be surprised how many people drive around with the wrong amount of air pressure in their tyre. This definitely affects your gas mileage and is such a simple thing. Make sure you check your pressure regularly, especially before long trips!

Drive Smooth – Don’t drive like a race car driver and try not to “step on it”. No need to be a lead foot and there is no need to be a tortoise, just drive regularly and try utilising cruise control when you can.

Don’t Drive – Hear me out…when you can, try and utilise public transport or car pool. Sports for the kids, commuting to work, these things can be done via the before mentioned or even by bike or walking in some cases. This can also help with your insurance if you can prove that you don’t utilise that many k’s throughout the year.

Pay More – When at the pump, pay for the higher octane. Many tests have shown that vehicles, especially the newer ones get better mileage out of the better fuel. This might have to be tested on your vehicle, but as long as you drive smoothly and consistently, the test should be straight forward.

Avoid Idling & Air Conditioning – Both of these practices can really help cut down on fuel consumption. I know in Australia it is hard to live without air conditioning, but try parking in the shade and putting the windows down when you can.

Shop by Day of the Week – Try purchasing gas on the day of the week and time of the day when it is cheapest. This will vary by location so monitoring it over a 2-3 week period will give you a strong idea on what day is the best.

Half a Tank Equals Empty – Avoid an empty tank at all times. If you are on empty you have no choice but to purchase fuel and at whatever cost it is currently going for. If you treat your half a tank mark as your empty, you have flexibility to shop around or purchase fuel on days that are generally cheaper.

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