7 Money Saving Tips On Plumbing

Dripping taps, broken faucets and blocked pipes are some of the most common and quite irritating plumbing problems that one may come across at home, at the workplace or in school.

If not properly handled these costs may skyrocket and cause a serious dent on the finances of an organization or family.

To save money and thus minimize costs on plumbing repairs, there are several key tips that one will need to consider, they include but are not limited to;

Get Several Quotes
It is important to get several quotations from reputable plumbing organizations. Getting at least three quotes is recommended. One can then compare the prices and decide on the most affordable. It is also important to seek some reference from the companies and enquire from customers who have used their services.

Get your Paper work right
It is important to think about the design and general layout of the repairs that you envisage. This is especially so if the renovations are major and far reaching. It is also advisable to seek permission from relevant authorities before embarking on certain types of repairs.

Confirm if your plumber is licensed
Generally most plumbing work has to be carried out by qualified plumbers; it is important that you confirm the level of qualification a plumber does posses before engaging him/her for a task. Confirm the license by checking it and also seek to see some work that the plumber has done before; this helps in gauging his/her capabilities.

Clear the working Space
Most if not all plumbers charge per hour, ensure that the working space the plumber will occupy is cleared and is devoid of any form of clutter. The last thing you want is for the plumber to spend the first hour or two trying to get to your pipes or clear the surrounding as the cost escalates.

Purchase the spare parts yourself
If you know the spare parts that are required then it is advisable to purchase the parts yourself. Care must be taken though to ensure that the correct part size and make are purchased. This is best done by having a plumber check, and then advice on which parts to buy. Considerable cash savings can be gained by adopting this approach.

Continuously maintain your plumbing works
Preventive maintenance usually involves some very basic and generally quite simple task, which in the long run save a lot of time and money. It is recommended that one keeps his or her plumbing systems clean and clear by undertaking certain mundane tasks like; removing soap scum from wastes and traps, remove any hair from the wastes and occasionally pour some water on the said wastes to clear any blockage that may be building over time.

Combine the plumbing tasks at hand
Because the charges are usually billed per hour or 30 minutes, it is important to have some extra work lined up for the plumber to undertake if he or she finishes the work early. This will ensure that the money you pay the plumber is well utilized. One can ensure the plumber uses the extra minutes to either undertake some maintenance work or perform some minor repair work.

About the Author: Grace Sumrall is a freelance writer with a passion for saving money. She is always on the look out for great tips to share to her fellow penny pinchers. She would like to thank Better Plumbing Solutions for helping her save big bucks on her latest plumbing issue.


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