5 Ways to Save Money on your Next Trip to the Gold Coast

We all know you don’t get to be rich by spending like you have the deepest pockets in the world. And let’s face it, most of us don’t. And why pay full price for something if there is a more cost effective option that requires little to no extra effort.

Here are five really easy ways to save yourself some coin on that next trip to the Gold Coast.

1. Buy a multi pass for the theme parks
Basically you can get a pass for three parks for slightly more than it would be to go to only one park. Sadly only certain parks are affiliated with each other. The most popular option by far is the Movieworld/Seaworld/Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World combo. The most common offering unlimited entry to all three parks for 28 days. You can get longer periods of time as well but if you aren’t visiting the area regularly you wouldn’t bother. Dreamworld lovers: sorry but this park is in the other combo. It’s Dreamworld/White Water World and the Skypoint Observation Deck.

2. Pre-Book Your Check-in Luggage Online in Advance
If you are flying a cheaper airline and planning on checking in luggage, whatever you do, do NOT show up at the airport without having paid for your documented luggage in advance. This is where the airlines really get rich. You are looking at paying at least twice the price for your luggage at the airport as you would have if you pre-booked it online.

3. Do something that is free!
There are so many awesome things to do on the Gold Coast FOR FREE. Firstly, how about a visit to the BEACH! You can surf, swim or simply sunbake on some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. For something really special take a walk along the beach at sunrise or sunset. The hinterland is also close by so you could head out there to one of the gorgeous national parks for the day. You could also do some bike riding or hiking. Or pack a picnic and head to the park. Broadwater Parklands is set on the water and is a great place for kids. They especially love the water playground. There are also a number of free events and festivals on the Gold Coast throughout the year. Check online or with your hotel for what’s on during your stay.

4. Do some outlet shopping
Like I said, why pay full price if you don’t need to? Harbour Town, on the north end of the Gold Coast, is full of outlet stores for some major labels. That means labels at cheaper prices. Go!

5. Cook on the bbq!
Nothing says Aussie like a bbq in warm weather and seriously it is a very cost effective way to eat. You can even get it to cover two meals. You simply make it a late lunch bbq, say 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then it will cover dinner as well. Just take a few snacks as you will be a little peckish before the main meal is ready. With a bbq there are always leftovers so that is dinner if you get a little peckish later in the evening. And no need to go fancy with it. If money is tight then bulk sausages are as good a choice for meat as any. Your hotel will probably have bbqs available in the pool area. If you want to get out and about though just try a local Gold Coast park. There are so many great options available and all the larger ones have bbq areas to use FOR FREE!

Kristy is a travel writing addict and frugal mum who hates paying full-price. Kristy recommends exploring discount Gold Coast accommodation options for your next family holiday to save money for hitting the theme parks and shops, where the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next.


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