5 Tips for Studying in Australia

The land of beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyles isn’t just enticing to holiday makers. Australia is also incredibly popular for international students studying a wide range of degrees and subjects. Whether you are coming from another country or a few suburbs over, here are some helpful tips to make studying in Australia easier.

1. Live Somewhere Central

It’s quite likely you already have a list of places you want to go and things you want to see while you are in Australia, so living somewhere close to as many of these icons is helpful. But – as you are here to study, you will also want to be close to your university or college. For central student accommodation in Sydney, for example, look for a specialty provider such as Iglu. This way you will be living with other students, where you can not only make friends but also find travel buddies.

2. Open a Suitable Bank Account

If you are coming to Australia from another country, it will be much easier to manage your finances with a local bank account. Students that are lucky enough to have a part-time or casual job will need an Australian bank account for their wages to be paid into. Having a local bank account also makes it easy to access your money when and where you need to. Most banks offer discounts on account-keeping fees for students as well, so ask about this when signing up.

3. Research the Cost of Living and Make a Budget

As a student, you are probably going to be on a limited income. Unfortunately, Australia also has some of the highest living expenses in the world. It is important to do your research prior to beginning your studies so you know how much to budget for accommodation, utilities, food and studying expenses. Most universities and colleges have an international student office that can advise you on establishing a budget and planning for your expenses. Once you have planned a budget, be sure to stick to it.

4. Figure out the Transport

Public transport offers an affordable way to get around, whether you use it when attending classes or for sight-seeing. Students may be able to claim discounts for rail and bus tickets with a valid student concession card. Ask other students for help planning your travel, particularly if you are venturing off to see new sights. You might find a much faster (or cheaper) route.

5. Realise Australia is Huge and Diverse

Research the destinations you want to see in Australia. While the distance may look short on the map, it can take hours to reach sights you had your heart set on seeing. Don’t expect to see them all; you are setting yourself up to fail. Instead, prioritise the sights you really want see in person and plan to get to as many as possible. Get out and see the local sights as well as travelling to other cities – there are hidden gems everywhere!

Studying in Australia is a deeply rewarding decision, whether you choose to study in a capital like Sydney or at a rural education institute. What are some of your tips for studying in Australia?

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