4 Great ways to improve your office space

Most people who have office jobs will agree that an office can be quite a dull place to work in. However, you could quite easily improve your office space by adding some personal touches to your workspace—which will not only improve your work capacity but it will also improve your mood!

We found 4 great ways to improve your office space.

1. Get organised
If you work in a chaotic environment, you should try to create as much order as possible to help you out. Working in an organised area will help to improve your thinking, increase productivity and reduce your stress levels. Thus before you start thinking about personalising your office space, you should organise your area to suit your needs. Give everything that you require during the day a logical place or somewhere where you can easily access it. Once you have order, you can start personalising your space in any way you want. There are many shops that sell beautiful, bizarre or just playful office supplies so think about getting some creative alternatives for your work area. You could buy some drawer organisers in bold bright colours and choose stationery that is fun, quirky and unusual. Remember that having order doesn’t mean it’s boring!

2. Bring in colour
Working in an office can be monotonous, which indirectly may slow down your productivity. Adding some colour to your office will not only improve your efficiency, it will also brighten up your day! Where possible, bring colour into your space. Particularly, choose colours that you like since allegedly, spending time around colours that you find aesthetically appealing will help to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Whether it is colourful stationery, plastic flowers for décor or even painting your area a different colour, you can quite easily add some lively elements into your space.

3. Be creative
You might be fortunate and find commercial property for lease that offer terrific working environments, however sometimes you might need to do some DIY at your office. Just because you are at the office certainly doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. There are many ways to be creative yet practical when decorating your office space. You could purchase ready-to-hang décor like posters or photo frames or make your own. It is always a nice personal touch to have photos of your friends and family around your workspace—you might even like to use a digital photo frame as a quirky feature for your office. Likewise, you could place some of your favourite coffee-table books or magazines by your desk—which is ideal for flipping through during your short breaks. An excellent feature that might positively add to your space is an inspiration-board, where you can regularly stick interesting images. An inspiration board will keep you stimulated and help you to mix up your space regularly.

4. Optimise your comfort
Ultimately, your office space is the place you spend a lot of your time and where you have to get work done. Being comfortable in your space is therefore essential—not only to increase productivity but also to ensure that you take good care yourself. You should ensure that your office chair is comfortable and you might want to add a cushion for support. Moreover, a footrest could be a clever addition to improve your comfort while you are at work. Adding features that you have at home will also make you feel more at ease at the office so think about incorporating a familiar element in your space.

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