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3 Reasons Australians may finally Stop Seeing the Bad Sides of Coupons

Recently, a friend told me about a colleague who claims to be the captain of anti-couponing team. Like, the whole anti-couponing squad, she doesn’t seem to think that using coupons may offer any good and believes that overspending drives us to earn more and do better in our professional life. This person hasn’t saved a penny in her entire life and she feels pretty normal about not being able to spend at some occasions, when she runs out of balance in her account.

As surprising as it may sound to followers of the frugal path, the number of people in the anti-frugal groups of Australia is seriously increasing. Let’s admit for once and for all, cutting coupons was some heavy burden on the free time that we could spend doing other things we love, but people in the world continued to see the potential of good living in them.

Though, my passions for coupons has always been on moderate levels, yet I would admit that, I USE COUPONS without wasting time and in Australia.

If you’re thinking, why? It’s a good thing because I thought (read) about the prospects of not using it. Aussie fellas, here is how we can reimagine savings and coupons.

  1. Bulk + Couponing is No Fixed Formula

Saying that I stocked extra because coupons were available is invalid and clearly it is refusal to take responsibility for your own mistakes. In our world of high connectivity, everything is discoverable at any time and we know that options only get better with time.

The mechanism of using a discount for a pro couponer doesn’t always end on a purchase. I make budgets and it reminds me of being in control of finances. And, like a well aware couponer with updated techniques and resources, I will feel the same pleasure in sharing the news with someone, who actually wants to buy.

  1. Trying New Things for Coupons – Not Really

No Denying, brands offer coupons to boost their sales and not for public welfare. Everyone knows that.

So, alteration in my shopping list because coupons are available are unlikely. TBH, it’s hasn’t proven hell difficult. I know, how things I can’t afford may seem very attractive when they are on sale. But somehow, being good at couponing gives you power to manage the extreme happiness that clouds your judgments. At times when I feel pretty tempted to use a coupon for something that I have never tried before, I have a pact that I will do it for just one time. What I noticed? Nobody gets addicted after one time.

  1. Coupons eating time is an Old Story

Lots of my fellas shop at the same stores as mine and do search coupons before they finally spend. So, I asked them how much time does it take for them to buy clothes online and most of them said, “20 – 30 minutes” approx. and discovery of discount code is included in this duration. Also, I reviewed the survey of that is a resource dedicated to pooling online coupons from Ecommerce brands. According to their customer experience survey results: consumers consume not more than 10 minutes to review the store offers and policies and within these minutes they also tend to jump to other good options and avail their offers on the spot.

Your questions and confusions about the coupons may be different, but thinking that coupon frenzy belongs to one specific nation of the world is missing on budget benefits. If Ecommerce is a global thing, coupons really are too.

About you having more couponing questions… I will only love doing more research! You know.

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