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10 Ways To Make Your Backyard Pool A Safe And Relaxing Haven

After a long week filled with endless reports and deadlines, you want to unwind in an environment that can help you fully recharge for the weekend or next assignment. Having your own spa-class swimming pool can help you reduce the amount of money you’ll spend out there.

This article will look at how you can bring a serene environment to your pool area. You don’t have to spend extravagantly to achieve this. Sometimes, simple things can work magic.

  1. Flooring and Drain covers

The surface around the pool has frequent contact with water. As such, its surface should be made of non-slip materials. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t beautify it a little. You can add a strip of grass between the pool edge and the pool beds or lounges. You should check the drain covers regularly also to ascertain there are no loose screws and cracks. Safety is vital, and you should consult a registered pool inspector to make sure your pool has the necessary safety compliance certificate.

  1. Have Plants

Whether you want to have potted plants or are able to have a small garden around the pool area is your choice. Having greenery is a boost and may help reduce stress. Some scented plants like rosemary or lavender are the ones worth checking out. With the plants also comes a sense of privacy when out there on the pool beds. As you plan this, ensure to have provision for the growth of the plants. This provision will eliminate the need to cut down the plants later. Also, the plants shouldn’t give the effect of being an obstruction or impedance.

  1. Lighting

As you put lights around the pool area, consider putting lights in the pool as well. Setting multi-coloured lights can add to its beauty. Besides, the lights can also help mark the pool edges that you can see when you’re taking an evening stroll. The underwater lighting should also clearly mark the steps and shallow ends for safety reasons. You can also put some string lights around your pool patio. Aside from providing ambient lighting in the evening, the lights can give you a sense of cosiness and relaxation.

  1. Customized Pool Deck

Your backyard needs to be an area where it reenergizes you. The deck should be designed to enhance this. You can add a swing at the corner, well-crafted coffee tables, a bookshelf, a meditation corner, and perhaps a dining space.

  1. Extra Features

Consider having visual and audio features like a fountain or a waterfall. The sound of flowing water has a calming effect and helps reduce stress. You can also have a gravel patch on one section of the pool. The gravel patch creates a transitional mood, so you can put this between the house and the swimming pool. You can also lay pool tiles that blend with the surrounding, like a floral setting.

  1. Storage Area

A number of equipment and chemicals are required in maintaining the pool, such as a pool net, chlorine, and other maintenance tools. All these need to be within easy reach but safely stored. Ensure to have a storage area that’s children-proof and has everything well labelled. You would not want to end up adding a wrong chemical ingredient in the water and then end up emptying the pool at an avoidable expense. Also, swimming toys, floats, or tubes should be stored away when not in use.

  1. Rescue Material

Always ensure to have a life-saver ring, rescue tube, and life hook on standby and easily reachable at all times. These materials should be in a marked area. Moreover, this area should be inspected regularly, or if possible, daily. In addition to the above, you should have a fully stocked First Aid Kit available.

  1. Hedge it up

So that it doesn’t look too plain and open, consider putting some hedges on sections around the pool. With proper landscaping, you’ll have a well-manicured backyard. You can have a section for dining, an outdoor lounging area, or an area for the pool beds. All this can give an enhanced look to your backyard and provide a feeling of being in a faraway, cosy place.

  1. Outdoor Bar and Outhouse

With enough space, you can build your small entertainment spot. A custom bar set up to spend your evenings relaxing with a pint is something to look forward to. With the outhouse, you can put in some floral arrangements or some small potted plants. You can use this as a meditation spot as well.

  1. Install Misters

Misters are the way to go if you want to stay outdoors without feeling burnt and putting on sunscreens on a warm sunny day. This feature gives you a touch of luxury. With this, you don’t need to water your plants around the pool area. At the same time, it can provide you with a relaxing whisper. A sound you can close your eyes and listen to the whole day.

With a bit of creativity, you can ensure that you spend your free time relaxing in your homes without worrying about traffic, distance, and money spent on seeking relaxation services in some faraway places. Your backyard is the one place you can get lost yet still feel safe and not worry about wake-up calls and time spent on planning trips.

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