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A Year-Round Guide To Yard Care

Your yard is an extension of your home’s landscape. The physical benefits of a well-maintained yard are numerous, still, the advantages go beyond the tangible aspects of having a beautiful outdoor living space. Find out why year-round yard care is essential and how you can do it properly.

Many homeowners understand why it’s crucial to maintain their property regularly. But upkeep should not be restricted to the interiors of the home. You’ll enjoy plenty of benefits when you maintain your yard regularly because:

  • You’ll be able to fully utilize your manicured yard for activities with family and friends because you know that it’s clean, safe, and beautiful.
  • Your yard provides a sense of safety and security to your home and keeps your home safe from intruders or nosy neighbours.
  • A well-maintained yard also promotes a sense of wellness because it gives you a place to relax when you need a break from the day’s activities.
  • Also, landscaping and yard maintenance adds value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Having a garden is one of the best ways to express your creativity and add beauty to your yard. However, it can be challenging to keep everything neat and organized all year long. Here’s a year-round guide for caring and maintaining your yard:

The summer months provide many opportunities for people to get out of their yards and enjoy the wide variety of flowers in bloom. However, heat or drought can be distressing for your yard. Here are the things that you need to do during summer:

  • In summer, you’ll need to water your yard more often, especially if your plants have developed root problems. Plants and trees can die or fail to grow at a rapid rate without enough water.
  • It’s best to fertilize early in the morning. Fertilizing late in the day will not do as much for your grass.
  • Mowing your yard should also be done at least twice a week throughout the growing season, with higher frequency in the hotter months.

Fall brings new foliage growth, which can make the appearance of your yard completely gorgeous. There are some valuable fall yard care tips for you to follow to ensure that your beautiful yard looks great all year long:

  • Fall is a good time to cut down branches that are out of reach or are encroaching on your space. Northern Beaches tree services help trees grow healthily by performing safe tree cutting, pruning, or stump grinding. If you’re concerned about the position of a tree, you can also request professional tree services to move it to a more suitable location.
  • Fertilizing the yard is a vital step in the fall season, but a winter fertilizer should be used. Winter fertilizers are used to prepare your yard for winter weather. It contains nutrients that are much higher in iron, so they will help your plants to grow deeper and healthier.

A yard that’s prepared for winter can look stunning. But there are some things that you can do to keep your yard healthy in cold weather:

  • If you’ve adequately prepared your yard for winter in the late fall, then you won’t have anything to worry about. A simple way to make sure your yard is kept warm through the winter is to lay a layer of organic mulch on the soil before the snow starts. This will help retain moisture in the soil, thus creating a more comfortable environment for your plants and trees.
  • When your yard is covered in frost, it’s best to avoid walking on it as much as possible.

Spring is the best time for planning your landscape, so here are some helpful yard care tips when winter is over:

  • Weed control is an important element of yard care. Controlling weeds is a key part of yard maintenance because weeds can destroy the health of the grass and cause damage to the surrounding areas. Weeds can often be an issue in the springtime, especially when they come up after the rain. It’s important to pull these weeds before they begin to bloom. Some weed killers work well; however, they will often have a harsh chemical smell to them, so be careful. Another option is to make your organic weed killer by applying weed killer directly to the weeds.
  • Springtime can be an ideal time to prepare the surface of your yard for planting. You can prepare the soil using mulch and placing a water sprinkler system to ensure the perfect condition of the soil.
  • Fertilizers are best applied in spring. If you choose to use artificial fertilizers, it’s important to apply them early in the spring before new growth appears. Wait until the thatch on the grass begins to die off before applying fertilizer. You can purchase commercial fertilizers which are specifically for thatch control.

The benefits of a well-maintained yard are many. If your yard is properly landscaped, it will enhance the value of your home as well as your quality of life. It will also allow you to use your private outdoor space more fully than you would if your yard was unkempt. You need to take care of the exterior areas of your home as you would the inside, but a beautiful yard does not come naturally. If you want to have a safe space to spend time with loved ones while increasing your property’s curb appeal, you should invest in the regular maintenance and care of your yard.

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