10 Things to Make Life for the Elderly Easier

As we all get older, there are some times when using the right tool, item or helping aid is simply much better than trying to do something without these modern conveniences. This list includes 10 popular items that can help the elderly prolong their independent lifestyle. These are items that are not only useful, they are also affordable and can be purchased at local chemist shops or easily purchased online through health-based websites.

Bathing Security
There are tons of products that can help you stay safe in the shower, from full installation walk in bath tubs to simple non-slip bath mats. However, the single best option for the shower is the tub seat. This allows you to sit while showering preventing a fall better than a mat.

Raised Toilet
Being able to get up from a seated position can often be a challenge as you age especially with debilitating arthritis. A raised toilet frame is economical and provides another safety feature.

Incontinence Aids
Unfortunately, this becomes a large problem with many aging adults. Being able to wear incontinence products saves embarrassment and allows seniors to still go out in public without fear of an accident.

Programmable Meds
Trying to remember to take 3 to 10 different medications can prove trying to say the least. Getting a programmable medication management system will help you not only store your medication but ensure it is taken daily and on time.

GPS Emergency Alert Devices
This is where technology can really shine. Being an able bodied elderly person, going out can still be fraught with dangers. Being connected to a direct medical alert help line connected to a GPS and Bluetooth offers immediate help. Not only can you talk to a live person, but they can direct emergency personnel directly to where you are. Seconds saves lives.

Senior Friendly Computer
With the advent of tablets, most seniors do not have to worry about learning how to use a computer. The iPad has been a major advancement in this area with hundreds of apps directly to aid seniors, from increased text layouts for e-book reading to staying connected with family easily over face time and messaging on the tablet.

Mobility Aids
No longer do seniors have to be cooped up inside their homes. With aids that help beyond traditional canes and walkers, today’s seniors have great options like the electric scooter, which can be found at retailers like Independent Living Store. These have increasingly large ranges and with accessibility laws most places are accessible to these devices.

Electric Appliances
One thing that most of us take for granted includes the operation of manual things in our lives. Something as simple as opening up a can with a manual opener can be impossible for some seniors. An electric can opener solves this problem. Other electric appliances can help too.

Although a more expensive option that most on this list, for seniors and caregivers that prefer to stay in their traditional home, this product is a must. Essentially an electric chair that slides on rails along a normal staircase in the home; it allows you to traverse your home with ease.

Most everyone loved to play with these as kids. Yet reachers today afford seniors the ability to get the most common items around them without having to get up or move from their location. They also can be indispensible for getting items off the floor without bending down.

These incredible items can help caregivers with patients, or the elderly themselves. Make life more comfortable with modern conveniences and avoid accidents.

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