Ways to save money when creating your first business website

Creating a website is one of your first priority whether you already have an existing business or thinking of starting one. A well-executed business website can present you with plenty of benefits, from allowing potential clients to find you easier and purchase from you quickly, to reaching far-flung locations in the world.

Regardless, a lot of starting entrepreneurs are still wondering if creating a website will actually help them. Most also think that hiring a web designer incurs a hefty fee. What’s true is that there are many ways to affordably get online. Following the tips below will help you save money.

Do your research. Perhaps the most common mistake startups make is going online without proper research and planning – assessing design trends or formulating a clear market strategy. Before you begin, you must think of a clear picture of your goals regarding your new website. Do you want to create a simple blog where you can post articles and interact with the audience? Or are you looking for a venue where you can start selling your products and create a user-friendly online store? These will be two dissimilar websites, so it’s crucial that you understand what the end product needs to look like before you start.

Make use of free blogging platform. If you’re just looking for a basic website, then you can just use free platforms like WordPress and Blogger. These platforms let you pick from a variety of free templates and offer an easy-to-learn management system. Moreover, you can select and register a domain name through these sites, although it will cost you money. WordPress also lets you pay a bit more to customise your blog using special colour themes and your business logo, rather than using their templates.

Use social media to promote your website. Having social media presence allows an up-and-running website to gain more followers in a short time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for startups to pay for advertising when they can use free or affordable online marketing tools. One quick way to advertise your business is by setting up social media profiles. This lets you gain access for broadcasting new sales, products, and other crucial news to your audience.

Check out website builders. Sadly, it’s true that hiring a web company or a freelancer to create your website can cost a lot of unnecessary money. But there’s good news! Website builders are becoming increasingly smart and efficient in creating automated websites via their online apps.

And they’re way cheaper than standard web development agencies and freelancers.

You can save a lot of trouble and time by looking for professional website builder like Crazy Domains AU. There are three basic steps you will do – choose your site, edit it, and then publish it online with your domain name. Don’t worry, all web builders have great support and great usability, so you’ll be guided every step of the way.

That’s it. Creating a website and engaging leads will take time, but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a fortune. Make use of the tips above to save money when creating your first business website. Best of luck!

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