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Unemployment Benefits in Australia

On a daily basis we all face the possibility of becoming unemployed, especially in a slow economy. It’s what we do when the unexpected happens that helps define us. There is no easy way to deal with becoming unemployed, be it through your own fault or no fault of your own, but you have to “keep your chin up” as they say and make sure you and your family are taken care of as you look for new work.

Should you find yourself or someone you know unemployed, there are many options available to help reduce financial pressures and find new employment opportunities.

Accessing the Australian Government Department of Services website is a great starting point. Also, check out other online resource that specialise in unemployment help, there are numerous non-profits and community based organisations. These businesses can help you apply for and receive all the financial benefits and loans that you may qualify for whilst looking for a new job.

Centrelink Will Become Part of Your Family
The main group that works with those looking for unemployment assistance is Centrelink. Their customer service centres can be found throughout the country. They will arrange for appointments for individuals at their Job Service Australia provider. Their main goal is to help you get back to work as soon as possible. They give support with applications and interviews as well as helping you find vacancies, developing you and helping you to educate yourself for new opportunities. Work experience placement arrangements can also be made.

You will also find that the Australian Government will assist you with information on what steps you should take if you have lost your job. To learn more about the assistance offered as well as unemployment allowances, visit the Human Services website.

What Benefits Can You Expect?
There are a number of unemployment benefits that you may qualify for. First, the Newstart Allowance provides assistance to those between 22 and of pensionable age as long as they are actively seeking paid work. The payments have a few clauses and may not pay immediately if you are currently holding sufficient funds.  Each job seeker will be interviewed to better understand their specific circumstances.

Youth Allowance is a form of payment for individuals of a younger age that are currently seeking work, studying or working as an apprentice. You must be between 16 and 20 years of age and seeking full-time work, or be engaged in an activity which is approved under the guidelines. You will be expected to take up study if you do not have a Year 12 school certificate or equivalent.

Finally, parents may find some relief through Parenting Payment. This is paid to the principal caregiver of the child to help with the cost of raising them. The income and assets must fall within a certain range to qualify, but this can be a significant boon as child rearing is no cheap matter. To learn more about these benefits, visit the Parenting Payment site.


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